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oculus quest 2 not charging while playing

Level 2

good morning, 

i have the official cable from oculus usb c for playing game from the pc

i have this problem with is really bad....

when i am playing the oculus does not charge, so i can not use it for long time....

how can i fix? 

is really frustrating as i pay 100 euros just for the cables....

the cable is connected directly on my motherboard pc usb c port 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out and informing us of your issue. We understand that your gaming time is valuable and should not be restricted. We got your back here!


First, we recommend you let the device charge for no more than two hours from a wall plug. We don't recommend charging the unit during gameplay especially from a PC as they don't have enough energy to charge it.


We're providing a link on how to maximize battery life and the best charger to use.


If you're still having this issue after trying the recommended steps, please reach out to Meta Store Support and submit a ticket for further assistance.

How is that possible when you guys list charging while you play as a reason to buy your cable?