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qeust 2 bug

Level 2

So i don't know whats wrong i have tried a lot. my quest 2 is bugged it keeps like teleporting me around like the tracking is broken or something like that i diden't do anything weird with it so i don't know what the issue is but its broken or some sort it happens in the guardian screen in games in the home screen it keeps tripping out and teleports me somewhere like 2 meters from were i was and then after like 5 seconds it teleports me back
does anyone have the same problem what can i do to fix it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing with us your recent experience with your headset, we couldn't help but notice you might be having some tracking issues and we'd love to help out!


It may be possible that the tracking is inaccurate, causing your avatar to move about the area, there are a few things we have to be mindful of when tracking issues happen.


- Make sure your play area has enough lighting, too much or too little can cause issues.

- Don't allow any direct sunlight in your play area if possible.

- Some reflective surfaces can cause inconsistencies with tracking.

- Check your cameras! Make sure they're not smudged or dirty.


Let us know if after checking these things there was a change in your issue. We can provide a bit more to help, just keep us posted!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Checking to make sure you were able to receive the help you needed, let us know if we are needed 👋🏻