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v37 SystemUX Crash with Virtual/Custom Environment

Community Manager
Community Manager

We've seen reports of users that have custom environments loaded in Quest where a crash of SystemUX may happen when opening the Personalization > Virtual Environment tab. The team is currently working on this issue, and we'll use this thread to notify everyone when they've identified the issue and have a solution in place.


Special thanks to everyone who reported this issue in PTC, it helped the team get a good head start on resolving this.

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Level 4

Hey, the author of P.T./Silent Hill/Resident Evil Sidequest Custom Homes here. I had a lot of messages from users thinking that my custom environments were breaking their headsets. In the interest of the metaverse push where users can publish any content anywhere and between apps, these issues make me very nervous as an early Meta creator.


I just wanted to ask will you incorporate more custom content into the testing phase or allow us developers to access a beta test channel of the Oculus Quest firmware like this to help prevent these issues in the future? It feels unfair to both the content users and content creators of the 'Metaverse' that we can't at least help to test out or prevent these issues. As I understand issues and bugs do happen occasionally. Looking forward to the fix in the meantime. I will forward my users to this thread to inform them I haven't deliberately made them load custom homes that break their headset.

Level 6

@Ryanality wrote:

the team get a good head start on resolving this.

I hope it's not the same team that works on the Win 11 fix because this would take months.

This tickled me. When is the performance hit for background Oculus processes even going to be fixed? Windows 11 Insider preview was out for months before public release also.

Level 3

Concerning the SystemUX crash after v37 update.  By uninstalling custom home environments via Sidequest menu, the problem stopped occurring.

Level 2

I was still running my device on the v35 build last time i used it and i wanted to know if i should stop using my headset so i don't get the v37 update and prevent all the issues people mentioned, until there's a stable release

Your right it did work but I tried reinstalling it and it saying the same thing the I uninstall it

Level 3

Can you guys actually fix anything or should I just buy a different head set to not deal with this crap?