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If I own my account, then it is my option whether I have an avatar or not. Why is there no option to delete your avatar (of course there would be a warning that some apps won't open like oculus venues), because a lot of avatars are created on accident and now these people have to live with an avatar on their account. There should always be an option to remove your avatar if you don't want it.
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Yeah there should be this is getting annoying.
Level 2
Agree, no matter what combination you choose, all avatars are incredibly ugly. I also created it by accident, when I was trying to change my profile picture...
Level 2
It seems like a cool concept at first, but then you realize there it little you can do to actually make an avatar yours if you get what I mean. There isn't a lot of custimization and every avatar is horrid.
Level 1
Avatar was made by mistake. I want it deleted. But there is no option to delete it. I have seen other users complain about this. Can there please be a option to delete your avatar
Level 2
My fiance made mine and now im stuck with what she would of made if she had her own. Pretty dumb if its your account and someone else makes it and you cant change it
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Can you please consider allowing us to delete the avatar and reset or revert to the default icon, in a future update, please? I too regret creating an avatar.

Level 2

Please add a delete avatar option that you can rechose your avatar, and start from Zero when you have diferents avatar persons to choose at the begining of the set up

Level 2

An option for deleting avatars would be nice to have because they are not that great in the first place and it seems that there's no current way to remove them from you own account.

Level 2

I shared similar issue

I want to create a new Avatar, not modify. I dont see any clear solution on forum to be able to Delete and start from original options.

Atleast till a solution comes in place there should be a notification to new users who are creating Avatar for the first time to double confirm their Avatar as there is no Delete option. I just selected something to move to finishing setup and now stuck with it.


Level 2

oculus avatars look so ugly i do not want to edit it i want to delete it