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New Quest 2 Cannot be paired with iphone & android

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Bought a new Quest 2 and cannot get it to pair using oculus app on both iphone and android. The oculus app ask for account merging with facebook (since I was logged-in using existing oculus account), it then opened the facebook app and authenticated, then it goes back to the oculus app's account merging page, but nothing happen. Tried many things, including re-installing both oculus and facebook app, tried on different phones, tried logging in directly with facebook account, and nothing helps...

Opened a ticket with oculus support and got advised that this is a known issue that they are trying to fix. This is a frustrating experience since the oculus quest 2 is completely useless without pairing with fb account, so now I have an expensive paperweight on my desk..


Wondering if anyone experience the same issue.


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Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey everyone! As of now this should be resolved. If you've had any login issues please go ahead and try logging in again now. If you still have trouble, just wait a little and try again as the fix should be live.


Thanks again for the patience everyone and let us know if you're still having trouble!

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Oculus login server is down since a few hours ago, it returns 500 on any fbauth attempt (problem is widespread if you take a look at downdetector).
Same thing, just got my Quest 2 delivered - kinda disappointed it's just a piece of useless plastic for now

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Plz i am desperate. I can't pair with quest 2. I have done everything right i think. Update, signing, oculus store pin, payment information, play with Bluetooth settings, gps i am giving the 5 digit code but can't connect. I bought it from someone else who is deleted account and format etc. What else should i check?

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I get stuck in the connect to Facebook paradox with no way out other than accept that i just bought a $300 paperweight. Support was not able to do anything other than "try again in a few days". Personally have always hated Facebook for many reasons but this is gonna send me over the edge. Is there really only the one way to connect? They did not think "Maybe some issues will occur so make a fall back connection link on our business website."??? For a company that is going to take the name "Meta" you think could be a little more self-aware.

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Long story short, expat living in Argentina, ordered the OQ 2 with the Elite strap & Link cable.
Paid 879.33 USD on Amazon (incl. Argentine taxes which are high).

Received it this morning, looked promising. Started the setup then came the... FB account pairing issue which exists since one year (wasn't aware about this one).

I'm lost in the "infinite loop" pairing issue. Tried everything, from my PC, from my mobile, from another mobile with a different FB account, from a developper's account, from a newly created FB account. Still stucked in this wormhole.

Issue is not new, so Oculus is aware of it since a year:

Did read too about the level of the Oculus support (not too good it seems, and at 53 y/o, I'm not much into auto-answers which don't solve the issue).

Hence, I already asked for a shipping back from AMZN, got the printing labels, will likely be out of money (AMZN just refunds 20 bucks on the return fees).

Question: why such an impressive device (hypothesis, won't be able to try it ever) is backed by such a poor setup process? Don't the developpers have kids? Imagine kids receiving an OQ 2 for Christmas, and being unable to use it because of a poorly designed coding, known since a year or more?

This was my personal rant (and I used to do coding back in the early 1980s, and it worked).

My friend and i tried to login in for whole day and failed , it's frustrating. qqqq

Doesn't surprise me, had to spend one hour in various reddit threads (tried all the solutions).

What's amazing is an issue that lasts for one year, without a proper patch (which shouldn't be that complicated).

Too bad, product "seems" good (at least from what I could juge in the first setup steps, ah ah... I prefer to laugh about it, I'll enjoy my weekend nonetheless). 

Good luck with your issue, fingers crossed.

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Hi, as many others i am stuck at facebook login. New FB accounts, phones and all that does not help. Support is keep saying we will get back to you when it is fixed. Anyone got this problem that was actually solved or i should just send this back?

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We have just spent £400 on a quest headset.   as everybody knows a facebook account is mandatory.  So I go into the Oculus site,  Click on the "Login With facebook"  button  and all I get is a non-stop loading circle on the login button after I have pressed it.  I have tried everything,   Incognito,    two separate Wifi locations,  Mobile,  desktop,  Laptop,  Different web browsers     It even happens on the Oculus App.  A never ending loading circle on the login button.



Now without this facebook Login  I cannot set up the quest 2.  It is impossible.    This is absolutely mind-numbingly annoying and I was wondering if anybody can help me with a solution to this?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, Athankar! We have received many reports of users being unable to login, sign-up and access their accounts. Our engineering team is already working on this and it will be fixed as soon as possible. We are really sorry for the inconvenience, and totally understand how much you would like to use your Oculus right now and have fun. We kindly ask for your patience while we resolve this issue!