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Repair to Oculus 2

Level 2

We have had some damage to our Oculus 2 by our dog, which I understand is our issue, however the fact that there is nowhere to send this is in for a repair is pretty disgraceful.  The amount of money that you spend on these machines is outrageous so there should be somewhere that repairs them.  I have contacted support and they told me "have to buy a new one".  I wasn't asking for warranty to cover any costs to repair it but being told to buy a new one is pretty disappointing.  


Level 13

take care of your stuff, a dog is outside the scope of a manufacture repair.


oculus actually sells the quest at lost.


dont cry on forums for your mistake.

Level 2

I usually don't engage in this kind of stuff however I was told to put it on the forum to maybe make some change.  I admitted it was our fault and never asked for them to replace it under warranty.  I wanted to pay to get it repaired and there is no service centre.    I was told if I speak on the forum, it can go toward making changes.  

not by crying about your screw up.  you screwed up own it.