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Rift 1.29 PTC Release Notes

Level 15
Rift 1.29 Public Test Channel Release Notes
  • Dash:
    • A new Belt: Improved hover states and materials give the belt a more modern look and feel. Come check it out!
    • We've added new contextual menus for panels within Dash. You can open them by aiming at a panel and pressing B or Y.
  • Home:
    • New performance improvements reduce load times and smooth rendering.
    • Animation for Custom Assets: Home now has basic animation support for custom assets. Models will now loop the first animation found in the .glb file. Note that Morph Target and Skinned animations are not currently supported. More information is available in the the Rift Core 2.0 beta user guide.
  • Oculus desktop app
    • Unknown sources: We are improving how we show 3rd party apps in your Library; for some apps, we are also giving users the ability to edit titles and add custom command prompts. 
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Just got home and before seeing this put my Rift headset on and nothing, was starting to pull my hair out restarting the Oculus service, unplugging and plugging back in headset,  and worried my Rift had died. Headset would not show connected in Device Manager.

Finally I launched Oculus Home manually from the desktop shortcut, and saw on the monitor for Oculus Home there was a firmware update required. Was the firmware part of 1.29? After updating the firmware it rebooted the Rift and finally my headset was working once again - whew! I thought my Rift had bit the dust there for a bit.
I always just let Oculus Home start automatically when putting headset on, hardly ever start Home manually which is why I had no clue what was going on. This might scare some other folks also - though I may be the only dumb one lol.

Might be a good idea to somehow get a pop up in the Rift Headset to just advise of this... I am sure there are others probably that will do the same as I do.

Level 15
Yes, there are some limited situations where the software could get out of sync, like you've seen where the Oculus app updates but requires your attention to update the firmware. This is more of an edge case, but I do agree there could be a message window or some notification.
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Level 7
Wow, was not expecting animations so soon, sounds great.. Excuse me while I go check this
PC Specs:

Black Box, with wires & some kind of electronicy stuff inside..
oooh it even has lights!! 😃

Level 10
I see the Animations causing a rise in NSFW homes being built :tongue:

Though you are more than slightly incoherent, I agree with you Madam,
a plum is a terrible thing to do to a nostril.

Level 12
Noticed a lot of improved performance but still studders a wee bit 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I haven't fully tested yet, but it's looking like 1.29 fixes the bug from 1.27 that broke AutoOculusTouch, input can be tracked again by ovrInit_Invisible apps!

Edit: yep, tested it and AutoOculusTouch works again with 1.29!
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Level 4
I am unable to pull any window out of the desktop with 1.29. This makes me a sad panda. :'(

Can someone confirm whether they also see this?

Edit: When I try, it just moves the whole desktop around instead.

Edit2: Also, assigning B and Y as context menu buttons is bad because that means we are unable to right-mouse-button in the desktop using the Touch controllers.

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Don't know if this is just coincidence or not...
Ever since 1.29 installed I get errors upon first PC bootup with my Headset. Get error message in Win 10 that a USB device failed to initialize and not working properly.  Device Manager shows one of my two USB3 root hubs to be disabled as failed to initialize. Running them in the Innatek Card and showing the latest Windows drivers dated 6/8. Everything been rock solid for the last several months until yesterday when it happened for first time, which happened to be the same time I got 1.29.

A reboot of the PC gets it back and all is well. Would be curious if any others are experiencing this.

Level 5
I got the firmware update last night too, pretty surprising since I've never seen any firmware updates happening before. Is there any info on what exactly was changed in the hardware?

Some feedback on the new Dash:

- I like the cleaner look of it.
- Finally the clock is instantly visible! Thank you!
- However, the hover icons above the clock are veeeery small and hard to aim at. Please make those bigger if possible.

And, finally, a question regarding performance: you have changed the "graphics" tab in the Dash settings panel, where we now get an "Anti-Aliasing" option to turn on/off. Does this affect only Home or everything displayed in Rift? I.e., is this a one-size-fits-all anti-aliasing solution for all apps or really just for Home? And where have the Home-specific graphics settings gone?