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anyone got a cable they would be willing to sell to me at a reasonable price

Level 2
i dont want to spend 200 dollars on ebay, so yeah, anyone?

Level 12
I could be wrong, but I'm thinking that you might need to say what cable you're talking about.
I have a spare usb2 lying around.
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Level 13
He tagged CV1.  Good luck OP, people tend to sell their items at market value.  If the market is demanding $200, you'll have a hard time finding someone that will sell for really cheap.

Level 14
Perhaps I was a mug but I sold my entire 3 sensor CV1 with touch controllers and working cable for £100. I know it's a sellers market but if OP is genuine and not exaggerating I think selling a cable for $200 is a bit off regardless myself esp when used ones could pack up at a y point.
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