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Autopano Video Pro 2

Hey everyone,I'm considering purchasing Autopano Video Pro 2 but I have a question about system requirements, specifically Giga. Though nowhere on Kolor's store page does it say that Giga is required to use VP2, virtually every tutorial and documenta...

OpenGL oculus slow on this one laptop

I have a new dell laptop i7+nvidia quadro k4100, win 7, opengl and I get a really bad framerate compared to other systems.This happens with my project, and also the opengl version of Tuscany demo.I have the latest drivers for everything.By comparison...

Matlock by Level 2
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Monoscopic Depth Perception

I just answered a question over at Quora from someone who is blind in one eye and wants to use VR.My answer is here:http://www.quora.com/Are-there-virtual- ... c-CerisanoThe summary is:What someone with monocular vision would need is a special render...

Replace tracking with our own tracking system

Hi,Is it possible to replace the current tracking system of the Oculus with our own tracking system?We are building a full motion flight simulator and need to track the position relatively to the cabin. So we can not use the existing tracking mechani...

Mac OS X SDK framework vs library?

Hi,I'm trying to update my app on Mac OS X to the new version in Xcode, and running into a lot of issues. I noticed that the SDK now comes with a framework included, which seems like it will make things easier, but I'm still a bit unclear on ...

matte by Level 2
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Cinder Integration w/ OpenGL

So all the Samples that ship for windows with the 4.1 SDK are using D3D for their textures and rendering - but the official docs have both D3D samples (same as in sample projects) and OpenGL sample code, ie : // Configure OpenGL.ovrGLConfig cfg;cfg.O...

static_assert() C++11ism incompatibility

Hi,I notice in the new 0.5.0 SDK there have been some static_assert() lines added in OVR_CAPI_GL.h. They are hidden behind #if defined(__cplusplus) however if I'm not mistaken static_assert is only available in C++11. The app I'm adding Rift support ...

matte by Level 2
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**Display Suggestion

Hi I hope that oculus reads this because I think it's a great solution for raising the resolution of the rift display, the aquos quattron created a display called rgby where the rgb color system has an added basic color of yellow to increase 1080p s ...

Stereoscopic 360 still panorama capture

I thought I would start a thread specifically on real world stereoscopic 360 still panorama capture and viewing. First some links:There is a Google+ group for users of a stereo still pano Android app Stereospheres. It is by Chris Dickerson who has de...

mediavr by Level 4
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Jitter motion issue when moving OVRCameraRig

I'm having some jitter issues when moving the OVRCameraRig.It was working perfectly until recently. I'm not sure what's going wrong. Is it an obvious mistake? Here's a quick 10-second video of the issue: http://youtu.be/axq85YAmqiEThe crosshair is a ...

Controlling Location of Stitch Lines

We're in the process of testing out a 360 3D camera rig and getting pretty good results thus far, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good tutorials or guides on stitching. (Using Autopano Video Pro and Giga right now). I'm finding it a very pow...

VR 3D Filming - Starter DIY setup

I have put together a video to show my starter setup for stereoscopic VR 3D filming.This is a very basic method to help get people started quickly using free software. I have only tested this with my DK1 so far.Step by Step video:https://www.youtube....

Oculus Sensor USB not working anymore

Hi,Is there any API call to check if sensor USB at the top left of the Oculus is working?I have been using http://ovrvision.com/ stereo cameras for AR application and the USB worked till yesterday.But USB stopped responding today and windows cannot r...

Sample "TinyRoom" not working properly in OpenGL Mode

Hello everyone,Right now i am working a little bit with the SampleProjekt "OculusTinyRoom" which is in the sample folder of the Oculus SDK .My Problem is now, if i use it in OpenGL mode, then it is not really working properly on my Laptop.The...

Mid4 by Level 2
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Object Picking in WebVR based application

Hey guys,I am developing an web-application that uses WebVR (DK1) to achieve vr ability in browsers. I would like to pick objects by my line-of-sight (looking at them). Traditional object picking via ray casting is already implemented, but I don't kn...

Unity 5 GI too dark in Rift?

This is a very strange thing happening. It seems like, though it looks fine through a normal camera and in the scene, through the rift's cameras it appears as though there is some element of GI missing. It might even just be the ambient light, I'm no...

zulubo by Level 2
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DK2 Shipping times?

I've been debating and twiddling my thumbs for some time now on the purchase of a DK2 have a question.With current production levels assuming I ordered one today how long would it take to get to my door roughly?I can't wait for the consumer version s...

BuRgLaR by Level 2
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Set Rotation in Unity with OVR 5.0.1

Hello,i was reading a lot of posts but i cannot find a way to set the orientation of the oculus. I have an avatar with the following structure:Avatar+ ... + OVRCameraRig | + TrackingSpace | + LeftEyeAnchor | + CenterEyeAnchor | + ... + neck + oculusP...

JohnDe by Level 2
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ovrHmd_GetEyePoses affecting OpenGL Rendering

We're working on a proof of concept app using some 3rd party OpenGL rendering software and we're having an issue with materials rendering mostly transparent after calling ovrHmd_GetEyePoses, or ovrHmd_EndFrame. At least with ovrHmd_EndFrame I can und...

Stereo Camera

Hello, i want to build a stereo camera.I choosed this camera -> https://de.ids-imaging.com/store/ui-3241le.htmlBut now i need to know which lens i should take. It should have a S-Mount M12 screw thread.The lens should have 120° viewing angle or not? ...

Modifying the rendering fov

Hi guys,For info: I am develloping with the DK2, using Visual Studio 2010, and DirectX11.I am having some difficulties to modify the rendering FOV. I found nothing on Google, Reddit, or Oculus forum, sorry if I missed something.So far I player with o...

Looking for VR developer

Hi, we are looking for a developper that could stitch and adapt a 360° video that we have done, we would need it to be visible on the oculus and Samsung Gear VR.Leave your contact in private message.

jeremie by Level 2
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Oculus Rift and prescription lenses

I have successfully installed my prescription (moderate astigmatism) into the Rift.It is very simple to do. Order your distance prescription only, no bifocal or varilux, and get them cut to 43mm dia. Also it's helpful if you have the optometrist cut ...

billyd by Level 2
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