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Can someone at Oculus answer why the demos in the usage folder don't work? 1.42 Unity

Level 4
Its ridiculous that out of the box the teleport functions don't work. Are there any people actually working to make these tools better?
Avatar Grab Demo - No Hands doesnt work
Customer Avatar Works - glitchy slow
Teleport: Walking only works nothing else

How can this be released like this? And more importantly its been like this since 1.39?

Level 2
I just started with the Oculus Unity tools, and I've only gotten to the AvatarGrab scene, but I'm experiencing the same thing.  I can still grab and throw things by putting the controllers where I think the hands should be and hitting the side trigger.  But, as was mentioned, there are no hands, so there's not really any use for this.  Would love to see this fixed.