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Can't find more settings to access developer mode on Oculus app (quest 2)

Level 2

I'm signed up successfully as a developer on Oculus. My headset is synced to my phone app perfectly, it says it's connected. I want to go into developer mode through the app, and every tutorial I find on how to achieve this says I have to access settings to do so. However, there are only two settings options I can find -- Account Settings, and Privacy Settings. Neither of these contains what I'm looking for. Supposedly there is a "more settings" option somewhere, but it doesn't seem to exist. Why won't it allow me to go into Developer Mode on the app?


Level 2

I'm having this same issue — following to see if it gets resolved.

Resolved: I quit the mobile app and restarted it, and the "Developer Mode" setting showed up. Hope that helps.

Level 2

I'm having the same issue. I can't see "more settings" in the Oculus app. I've registered a new company, created a new Facebook account, logged into that account on both the Facebook app, browser and Oculus app. I've quit, uninstalled, reinstalled the app on both an Android and iOS device. I can not see the "more settings" on the app at all and therefore have no way to turn on developer mode. This is a serious pain ITA.

Level 5

For me, with the newest update of the Oculus app on my phone, the option to turn on developer mode is in the 'Devices' tab as seen in this video: