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Can you Publish to the Oculus Store for Only the Quest 2 Link?

Level 3

Hello everyone,


I have a bit of an odd question. I'm working on a heavier project, and I was wondering if you can publish to the Oculus store for only the Quest 2's Link Cable and what the parameters of your project would have to be for that. I know that you can begin a game using Link without needing the Oculus Store, but I was wondering if it is an option to publish specifically for this purpose.


As far as I know you can publish for either Quest 2 or Quest, and don't need a version for each in the Oculus store. Is this also true? I can't seem to find a clear answer as I read through different forums.


Thank you so much! 


Level 13

That would be the rift store.  Just publish to the rift store, i think there approval process is a bit more lax.

Level 3

I did not realize those were two different stores. Thank you so much, that's amazing! I will begin looking into that now.

Level 3

Thank you very much. Unfortunately it looks like Oculus will be discontinuing the Rift store. 😞 Which makes sense since they're probably working on something new at this point. We may need to just stick with steam and epic until tech catches up a bit, because the game will be able to run fine with just a link cable and headset. 


Thank you in anycase! 

Steam via quest link is the best choice

The steam vr works awesome over air link.