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Inside Out FBT

Level 2

Ok. So, I have been doing my research on FBT and how one accomplishes it. Currently, the various options include the vive trackers with base stations, Xbox connect, even using your phones work.


And the use of the phones got me thinking... The quest 2 tracks it's position in the environment optically as well as the controllers. It's standalone and amazing for what it can do, but FBT is only available through PCVR. And I believe that it's possible to be done stand alone.


The valve trackers track orientation but require the lighthouse based to track position. The headset has the capability to track it's position as well as orientation with the use of it's cameras. Theoretically it should be possible to create a tracker that has it's own camera system that sends the same optical and orientation data straight to the oculus and it calculates it's position based off it's own perception of the same play space. Maybe this can be done with wearable bracelets and anklets with cameras on all sides, maybe that's not needed. Point being, however the Oculus is collecting data for it's own Position and orientation, trackers should be able to be made using the same hardware technology but without the need for all the other tech in the headset, aka, screens, computer, microphone, etc.  Just a wearable with cameras on it...  If the Quest retails at 300 base model, then the trackers should in theory, when removing all the other necessary tech be sold at significant reduced price.


I see no reason why this can't be a thing.  The controllers are tracked via the rings when in sight of the headset and that works great, until you put your hands outside of it's vision, like behind your head or what have you. Then it's just orientation information and not it's own position.  I don't thing it's a far stretch for the oculus to receive visual information taken from any other device and orient it in the play space along with it's own headset location.


Does anyone have any reason why this wouldn't be possible?