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Migrated to new AppID (due to DevError), now entitlement always fails

Level 3

Hi again, all,

So the previous issues were sorted, and now the only error we get during packaging is "Could not find 'RiftAppId'" and (worryingly) "GetSignatureToken get_signature error: Missing entitlement for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (1971031)"

However, we now have a major issue with the "VerifyEntitlement" node - namely, it continually returns "Fail/False".

Unfortunately a dev replaced the keystore signature (without backing it up - Lessons were learned...), not realising that this MUST always stay the same to be able to upload new builds to the dashboard.  Therefore, we have created a new submission through the dashboard - the previous app wasn't released properly yet, so this is, in theory, not too big of an issue.  However, although we've updated the AppID in the DefaultEngine.ini file the VerifyEntitlement keeps coming back as false (even after an initial upload). Furthermore, this new AppID build is showing under the "Unknown sources" section of the Quest, where the previous one had moved from "Unknown sources" to the main app board.

Before the signature file was deleted, this was working fine with the previous AppID, however, now we're trying to run the app with the new one it will not work.  We have updated the Package Name (this, previously, caused an error when attempting a production build upload), but we are unsure what else could be causing the entitlement check to fail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Level 3

Hi all,

I'm recording this for anyone else who has these issues.

It seems that although we had set up the App in the AppLab and had started the submission process, both the entitlement returning false and the app appearing under Unknown was because certain parts of, what we believe to be, the "Assets" step weren't filled out.

After uploading some more of the assets, we noticed that the App moved from "Unknown Sources" on the headset to "Main".  Further, and more importantly, the entitlement check stopped return false!

TLDR:If the entitlement is returning false, and the app still shows under "Unknown Sources" on the headset, try completing more of the submission process (especially the 'Assets' section!).

As stated, I'm adding this for anyone suffering with the same issues.