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Texture2DArray performs badly on Oculus Quest

Level 2

I am porting my impostors Unity code from Windows to Oculus Quest (Android), and I am just having very weird performance issues.
The way I implement impostors is by rendering several views of an object or character into different textures, which I then put into different texture atlases that I assemble into one texture2D array.
On Windows everything works fine and it's amazing how fast it can go when combining this with DrawMeshInstancedIndirect.
Obviously, since we are just rendering one quad per instance.

The problem is when I build my application for Oculus Quest.
I know that the GPU is not going to be as powerfull as a Desktop one, but the performance is really low and bad.
While debugging a lot and going to the most simple case and the most simple shader, I have noticed that the performance drops because of accessing to the texture 2D array.
If instead of using a texture2Darray I just use a simple 2D texture and sample it, the performance is extremely good.

Has anybody encountered such an issue?
Is there an explanation on why accessing the texture array on the Oculus Quest is so slow?


Level 2

Hi @abeacco You had any progress on this one?