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Bluetooth Permissions

Hello,I am trying to connect to a Bluetooth device on the Quest 2 through my Unity application. Whenever I launch the application I get a debug error message of not having the required Bluetooth permission. I have made sure that I include these permi...

vartech by Level 3
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App Lab 3rd party login

Question about App Lab requirements. Can I require a user to login with credentials in order to access the application's main features, or is that outside the app lab submission guidelines. I've read through them all, but haven't been able to find cl...

How do I map a gesture pinch to an index trigger?

I'm using Hands only/Hand tracking for Oculus Quest.Currently the only way I can press a button via pinch is by registering the button press delegate during pointer enter and then invoking it upon reaching pinch threshold.I'd like to know if there's ...

Can't run apk correctly on Quest2

My build apk file developed in Unity was working on Quest2 a few months ago, but now it's not working. To be more specific, I used Quest to test, and everything is working normally; while I launched the app on Quest2, there was a dark flash and force...

zdh3110 by Level 3
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Oculus Quest 2 - Unreal Project Setup

I had some issues with the rendering of spark particles in the Starter Contents. After investigation i detected that the documentation was writen for older oculus quest, and for quest 2 the unreal project setup must include plattform/android/build/Su...

APK's installation

Hello to all, We are Immersive Factory, a French company that publishes and develops VR training modules (EHS) and we would like to deploy our catalogue (more than 20 courses) on Oculus Quest 2.Our courses are developed with Unity and our store in Ja...

Applab wait time before testing?

Hi all,When submitting an application for applab (just as a release channel, not for the store just yet), I have noticed that it sometimes takes a very long time before users (including myself) can test the application. Is there a way to check when t...

32 Bit Display Buffer Performance

Oculus recommends enabling "use32BitDisplayBuffer" in Unity. My questions are: What are the reasons for this recommendation?Are there any performance implications on Quest or, more specifically Quest 2? Or is it "just free."Does this also enable a hi...

Quest: check if HandTracking or Controller is active

Is there a way in Unity to check if Handtracking is active or controller?With OVRHand.IsTracked I can check if a hand is currently tracked, but this does not tell me if handtracking is active.Also, is there a similar command to check if teh Quest los...

Texture artifacts from Google Seurat

Hi thereI am currently porting a Unity SteamVR experience to the Quest, and as the scene was quite detailed, and the entire experience occurs in a single space, it seemed ideal to use Google Seurat to generate the background scenery. This has worked ...

edekker by Level 2
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Test user and unkown sources apps

Hello, Developing an app and installed it to the quest so it shows up under unknown sources and runs. However, switching to the test account the unknown sources has no apps. How to get an unknown source app to run under a test account? Am I doing it ...

Oculus Dev and Virtual Desktop

I have an older t5500 computer, and the USB3.0 pci card I got does not seem to be working. I wanted to know if anyone has developed content in Unity or Unreal through virtual desktop instead of with the LINK cable?

App Labs Approval Broken?

We're not able to update our apps on the Go because it's been sunsetted. Now, we're also not able to get our apps approved through App Labs as they're incredibly backlogged. We've been waiting for months. So what would you advise developers to do to ...

storyup by Level 3
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AllowRecenter Not Working in Unity

It seems that setting the OVRManager.AllowRecenter to false doesn't do anything. We use artificial locomotion in our game so the allowRecenter is allowing players to teleport through walls and we'd like to disable it.

lebolay by Level 2
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Oculus Rift to Quest development migration.

Is it possible to develop Quest app without owning a Quest. I am migrating my Rift game to Quest and I am facing problems with UI menus in and in game's performance. This how my Rift Game UI works : h...

How to correctly use SRGB on Oculus Mobile Native (C++)?

This is a Go+Quest question. I have a Oculus Mobile C++ app forked from the VRCubeWorld_NativeActivity example in the Oculus Mobile native SDK. I hooked in my own code in `ovrRenderer_RenderFrame`, so right after the framebuffer and the eye matrices ...

mcc by Level 4
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WebXR gardens

We can make 3D flowers in VR "by hand" (tested in Oculus Quest 2, ThreeJS lib is used, MIT License.). See I hope it is possible to make an exhibition site where you will be able to make your VR...

bouquet3gl.jpg bouquet3t.jpg

Quest 2 touch CAD files?

Hello,With the previous generation, Oculus made the touch controller CAD files available to develop accessories here:, they haven't been updated with the new Quest 2 co...

In game steam/pico logos, is it a problem?

Hi, I have checked all VRC and guidelines and any marketing assets can't display other hardware or logo than Oculus. That's fine. But, we have multiplatform leaderboards in our app, so we would like to display a small logo near the player. Is that ok...