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Is there a way to cloud save user conent?

Say, you have a game where a user can design an alien, or a logo, and you want to let them save their design to the cloud so they can access it later either1) in another gaming session2) on their computer3) in another player's gameIs there a way to a...

Interested in Quest Development

Hey, just got an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and already have ideas spinning around in my head. I'm a C# .net dev and I've played with Unity a bit so I expect I will be able to get my head around that part, but my question is hardware oriented since...

Bandwidth/breakpoint testing

I need to test breakpoints and bandwidth throttling on my game, previously I have used Charles Proxy to do this (andoid/ios/web) but the Oculus Quest does not have proxy settings (or at least none that I can find).Is there another way of doing this o...

RenderDoc for Oculus not working.

I am having problems getting RenderDoc for Oculus to work.Using ODH, I downloaded and installed RenderDoc for Oculus v23.1(forked from v1.11).When I switch the Replay Context to "Oculus Quest 2 Profiling Mode" it installs the packages:com.oculus.rede...

RenderDoc for Oculus not working

I am having problems getting RenderDoc for Oculus to work.I am using the Oculus build of UnrealEngine 4.25.4 and Vulkan.Using ODH, I downloaded and installed RenderDoc for Oculus v23.1(forked from v1.11).When I switch the Replay Context to "Oculus Qu...

Leaderboards stopped working for some players

Hi everyoneA few days ago, some users started reporting that they couldn't run the game. The problem was that the ovr_User_GetLoggedInUser function was failing. We managed to get rid of the use of this function, but unfortunately, after the update, e...

Audio Latency too high on Oculus Browser of Quest 2

I don't know if this is a forum where Oculus inside team checks, but I'll report this here once anyway, no other place to say this aI mean the Oculus Browser. Not talking about the Quest 2 native apps.If I check the "AudioContext.baseLatency" value i...

laksoo by Level 2
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Difficulty compiling samples

As a bit of an Android n00b I've been having some problems compiling the samples which I have not much idea how to fix. I've followed the documentation step by step (I think).First, gradle sync does not work, following the documentation for compiling...

ADB device list empty

Hey there,when I came back to work this morning, I found both of my Quests unable to be listed under adb devices. I tried Mac and Win but the list won't get populated.In difference to yesterday I realised that every time I connect a Quest to a comput...

BBigG by Level 3
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Wireless editor preview on Quest?

I'm trying to sort out some tricky physics issues and need to do trial and error. I'm on Unity 2019.2 and deploying to the Oculus Quest via Build and Run, which takes quite a while to build and test for each iteration. I'd like to see the preview whe...

Garage Band Hero for Oculus Quest - Idea

Good day,I was looking under the music category for a game where you could learn how to play the drums by a simon says method of lights lighting up the right drum or symbol, using a practice room and then the final level is playing on a "real stage" ...

problem with unity build and Quest

Hello, I was trying to test how to import a unity build on oculus quest and i encountered an infinite loading screen problem.-activate developer mode in my oculus quest settings-make a simple scene with a camera, light and a cube to observe in unity ...

Hand physics Capsules not following the fingers

Hello, So I have a working project with the new version 13, when I tick "Enable Physics Capsules" in OVR Skeleton script, inside the OVRHandPrefab, the capsules behave wired.So, as soon as the hands are detected, the capsules appear basically at the ...

APK/OBB Size Limitation

According to the Tech Note on expansion files, the total application size of a Quest application can be increased by building an APK file that loads OBB expansion files. However, this page indicates that the maximum supported size of APK and OBB expa...

Waiting for debugger to attach

When I try to debug from Android studio, I get a message in the Quest that it is waiting for the debugger to attach. In the Debug window I see "W/ActivityThread: Application com.oculus.sdk.vrcubeworldna is waiting for the debugger on port 8100..."It ...

PsyPhy by Level 2
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