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Gamepad support on the Quest 2

I am the developer of the VirtualBoy Go emulator for the Quest/Go. One use it having problems with the registration of the left and right shoulder buttons on his virtualboy controller that he connected with an usb adapter to his Quest 2. Apparently t...

Failed to find NativeVideo class

My 180video scene work well in Editor but when I build and play in Oculus. App can not find NativeVideoPlayer so It throws bug "Failed to find NativeVideo class1" (Line 62 in NativeVideoPlayer class) and don't show video.Please help me, thank you!

hieutt by Level 2
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Star Trek Bridge Crew Audio

Hello. I've encountered an issue on the Quest 2 when playing Star Trek Bridge Crew. When I'm in the briefing room, I can hear the players, but when we get on the ship, sometimes I can't hear the other players and they can't hear me, but I can hear ot...

old unknown browser in quest2

who can help. i have a webpage what is requre crome browser 32 or newer. the quest browser does not send properly what browser it is. and thetefore by page gets bloked. can anyone hhelp to bring a proper latest browser into quest2? any solution i can...

Oculus browser update to chrome 85?

Hi there, looking forward to utilizing the Web USB spec combined with A-Frame. Is there an ETA for the native Oculus browser move to chrome 85? or a better method browser to side load with Web USB support? I've ran into issues running Chrome 85 due t...

Quest 2: Link Cable for PC not working

Got my Quest 2 + the Original Oculus Link Cable.@problem:My PC can't recognize the Quest 2.When connected with the original link-cable, Windows makes the sound that some device was connected.But Windows can't find the Quest 2 Device.One missing step ...

remoz by Level 3
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Call for testers

Hi, we are looking for Oculus Quest 1/2 owners to test our newly launched VResorts app. It's a travel content platform and also the world's first VR-commerce app, already live on SideQuest! Download the app here and let me know what your experience i...

2fizzy by Level 2
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GPU Compatibility

HelloI have an MSI GP72VR 7RF LEOPARD pro laptop, having all the capacities required for the use of the oculus link ( for Oculus Quest 2 ), except the graphics card which is a 1060 3go, my question is:is it impossible for me to connect an oculus link...

Unity3d - Loading dynamic content

I am trying to understand my options for delivering "dynamic" content on a Quest. The most straight forward option is to have one app that includes all scenes for each environment that might be required. This would allow you to jump from scene to sce...

rlogan by Level 3
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OVR Scene Quick Preview not working!

Hi,I just tried today OVR Scene Quick Preview but it is not working - it looks like bug to me:1. When I press Build Deploy App it ask me to: “Select at least one Android CPU architecture in Player Settings” and I have selected it as you can see on ph...

AionR by Level 3
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Background Audio Distorted during Scene loading

Hello,In my landing scene, I have an audio source to play a background audio clip (DontDestroyOnLoad is set).When the player selected some options, the main scene is loaded. The problem is that the background audio is distorted during the scene loadi...

RicGui by Level 2
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CAD files for the Quest 2 controllers

Is there going to be a new release of a new Touch Accessory Guidelines for Quest 2 soon?Would be quite useful in terms of developing accessoires.Or is there anyone special to reach to gain access to it?

MamutVR by Level 2
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How to port a published Go title on the Quest

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask my question:I've a title published for Oculus Go/Gear - namely "Rai Cinema Channel VR" - and since Oculus is dismissing the Go, I would simply port it on Quest.I know that a brand new app would need to pass t...

Implement VR chat across multiplayer platform

Hi Team,I am new to oculus development, I want to implement chat functionality in my app, but I am unable to find some useful tutorials for implementing chat functionalities between two users.I have seen examples in oculus integration package but am ...

Enabling USB Audio Output on Quest and Quest 2

The Oculus Go was able to easily output audio via USB. The Quest, despite also running android, doesn't allow it. Any ideas on how to enable it? File managers seem to have proprietary drivers for accessing storage devices. Is it possible to extract t...

Build a Third Party Library

I have a Unity project with an external library (Eigen) that can be built separately as DLL.I'm trying to include the DLL building it with arm64 toolchain, but I get this error when I test the app:Unable to load library '/data/app/com.DefaultCompany....

dannox by Level 2
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