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Cannot enable developer mode on my Oculus Quest 2

Hi all,I currently have 4 developer organisations set up in my name; I have set them up from my PC and my phone; My PC, Quest 2, phone and all oculus apps are all logged into the same account and yet despite that fact, every time I click the button t...

CalMcW by Level 2
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What are good App Lab numbers?

I have an app on App Lab. Just wondering what would be considered good daily numbers for an app with no advertising...other than sidequest picking it up and listing it. It's been out a couple months and the numbers seem pretty consistent from what it...

problem putting quest in developer mode

i have made a organization as prompted to do after all of that when i go into app to click the tab to turn on developer mode it comes up with a icon that says become a developer and says start creating to register and a tab that says no thanks or sta...

Color Gamut

It isn't clear to me from the documentation. If I develop for Oculus Quest, should I change Color Gamut from 'Rift_CV1' to 'Rec_2020' or 'Quest'. If so, which one and why?

Oculus Quest + Intel RealSense D435i + Unity

Hello everybody, I'm designing a VR performance, in which the user would interact with a real-time point cloud of the space around them.I am using an Intel RealSense D435i depth camera (all the processing is done in the device) and an Oculus Quest, a...

Macro Recording Quest 2 Touch Controller Input

Does anyone know if it is possible through either ADB or something else, to be able to macro record the quest 2 touch controller inputs and playback the recorded macro after assigning it to hot key? Also would it make a difference if the quest 2 was ...

Quest brightness

Im already with the latest V33 and the brighness slider. But with the lowest brightness and darkmode on, its still burning my eyes! I need more lower brightness choice for keeping my eyes working and for the battery lifetime!There are already some ap...

Fxcher by Level 2
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Developer Mode Issue solutions(maybe)

So I had the same issue as you met. And I have gotten it back now. worked for me. Oculus requires payment verification for the developers. So I filled them in and got my mode back.There is the other way to...

Cloth Simulation in Oculus Quest?

Hello,I tried to build a demo(including very very small size of cloth simulation) and played in oculus quest2(stand alone),but cloth simulation did not work, actually it showed just a mesh without any cloth simulation.However, Played Correctly in Unr...

dkweon by Level 2
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Quest 2 Ethernet support post v23?

Hi,We are interested in conducting tests and connecting USB ethernet adapter to the Quest 2.We came across a number of posts claiming Quest 2 v23 Update killed Ethernet support?Could you possibly provide a work around as we are in the middle of our t...

Shared-space multiplayer gameplay with Quest 2?


I'm a junior game developer and I've been hired by a VR arcade company to develop their first in-house video game, a location-based/shared-space multiplayer VR FPS. I'm having a very hard time ensuring the virtual space (i.e. the game in the head


AnAerVR by Level 2
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Cannot Pair Quest 2 with PC

Greetings Friends. I am brand-new to the Quest2 and a 3+ year novice at Unity. My intention is to simply Build-and-Run an app from Unity to the Q2. I've failed at that, being stuck here: . I've tried and failed at sideload. In attempts to enable Deve...

zekev by Level 3
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Enable beyond arm length controller tracking

Is there a way to enable beyond arm length controller tracking?Details: I noticed Quest controllers stop tracking when they're about 2.5 meters from the headset. It seems like a hardware cut off as the tracking is great at 2.4 meters then freezes at ...

Feature Request: Boot in Oculus Link

Greetings, As the title implies it would be a neat feature to turn on within the Oculus app that would allow users to boot right away into Oculus Link as opposed to the standard OS. It would be a great quality of life improvement to offer users who a...

Switching from VR mode to 2D mode in unity?

I'm trying to allow my Oculus Quest app to switch from VR mode to 2D mode or vice versaI'm using Unity.This can be done on Cardboard/Daydream like this by switchin XR modes: it possib...

How to disable hand tracking "surface"?

Hi everyone! I am pretty new to unity and vr so I am struggling with hand tracking settings in unity and oculus quest 2. I have created a world with ovr camera rig view and when I finally saw my hands I couldn't get rid of this surface view. It is ex...

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-03 at 14.42.08.jpeg

Access to /sdcard/Download folder from native code

Do you guys have any examples of working code that is able to access the /sdcard/Download folder from a Quest/Quest 2 device? There is not much info out there; you find contradictory statements about apps being already able to do it *or* apps requiri...