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How to get my Safe Play Area in game?

Hello every one,I want to ask that how to get my Safe Play Area in game?I use unity to develop.I just want to get the center position in safe play area,and notice player to move close to center position.

Hand tracking

I'm interested in the hand tracking, both for creating apps/games which use the hand tracking alone, but then i also wondered about these:-will one be able to use the hand tracking together with the controllers, too?So like then one could maybe have ...

Callback when user resets the head pose.

We are using the standard Oculus integration in Unity 2019.1.2f1.I am looking for a callback/event that is triggered when the HMD is reset after the user presses and holds the Oculus button on the right hand touch controller, but have not been able t...

Kurodo by Level 2
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Server error

I'm trying to upload a build to Oculus but at the moment I'm just getting back "server error." Is the system down?

2 left hands and 2 right hands?

I am trying to develop an environment in which the left controller moves to mirrored left hands with the same actions etc but an offset in position. Any ideas how I can do this? I have been trying to do this for 3 weeks without luck. I don't need any...

pointer smoothing

In one of our apps, we implemented a pointer interaction.I tried to align it as closely as possible with the pointer that comes out of your hand in the dash menu, and I noticed that some sort of smoothing or predictive movement is applied to the poin...

gevasaf by Level 3
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Go controller compatibility

We have an app on the Go store that is available for the Quest in the Go section of the store. Its on the UE4 platform and uses Oculus Avatars. Our game does work well with 6dof however we would like to improve the Quest experience by allowing both c...

DolloD by Level 4
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Bluetooth with Oculus Quest

Hello everyone!I'm currently working on a game for Oculus Rift in Unity which uses an external Bluetooth module to activate a VR vest when hit by enemies etc. I am trying to port the game for the Oculus Quest and I was wondering if there is a way I c...

Project Has Stopped on Oculus Quest

Unity 2019.1.2f1 and most recent Oculus SDKOculus Quest fully updated.For some reason when building this project I get no errors at all and it runs perfect in the unity editor with good FPS and went through the Oculus Performance Lint Tool and the ot...

Oculus Quest wont rejoin dedicated server

Hi,I am using Unreal Engine 4 and have a dedicated server and the online sub system is null, i'm connecting by inputting the server IP in the open level node.I'm using a Oculus Quest to join which works absolutely fine on first connect, but if for wh...

RZKNG by Level 2
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Any project template for Android Studio for NDK ?

Hi,I am still not sure how all that works but could be in a future a request for a "Project Template" where you go like "New project -> Oculus NDK" and gives you a "base" to start with ?Clearly Android Studio appears to have support for something lik...

Manjaro Linux, device is in an unknown state, ADB

So ..Linux, Manjaro Mate, all seems almost ok, I launch adb devices it shows me the Oculus Quest in the list but is in an "unknown state". Try as I may I can not make it get "authorized" or whatever.Also "even more funny" this very forum seems somewa...

3-DOF headset, with 6-DOF controllers

Hi all,As the title suggests, my team have a situational restriction for a potential project which we could solve if our product were run with the tracking disabled on the headset, but maintaining 6-DOF controller tracking. Is such a thing possible w...

Quest black screen and Adreno-GSL memory bug.

Hello,We have been having a graphical bug occur for a while now but it's been very difficult to consistently replicate it in order to track down what's happening. We are using Oculus's branch of the UE 4.20.3 engine. When the bug happens the visuals ...

Unreal: Save Game to Slot fails on Quest

On the Rift I use Save Game to Slot to save user data as outlined here: https: // on the Quest, the call to 'Save Game To Slot' fails. Anyone know why it would fail? Is there something you ha...

Has sideloading method changed for Quest?

After using 'adb install -r xxxx.apk', I used to drag the .obb file into my game's folder on the Quest's obb directory. But now there is no folder there for my game. I tried creating one, but the game never launches when I do that.EDIT: ah, nevermind...