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Polygon Nightmare - Old School VR

Level 5
Hi. im Swedish guy with early dreams of VR since i first tried the "Virtuality" arcade machine "Nightmare" later called "Dactyl Nightmare". My goal is to bring my childhood dream back from the dead, for the historic value and because it was a lot of peoples first VR experience!

I have gain the original Programer and graphic designers blessing to recreate the game. but have failed to reach the actual owner of the Game.

The game will be Free of charge and should NOT be redistributed without my knowledge.

Everything is built from scratch and is measured by eye sight from this lone clip!
all 3D work is made in sketchup and all sound effects are taken from the original videoclip.

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Nice one! It's about time someone did this!

Level 15
This was awesome! Brings back memories.
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Level 2
I'm surprised it took this long to appear on the Rift.

Going to try this tomorrow 😄
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Level 5
thanks i really appreciate you guys like it! 😃

Many of my solutions to the engineering, like parenting the player while on the flying pods, with a parenting script and a animated "seatbelt" cube is not pro work, but works for the demo. The extreamly crappy animated Dactyl is shootable (soundFX) and quite hard to hit.

If anyone with skills like to help me out geting this into multiplayer and more like the original. send me a mail! 🙂

Long live the "Virtuality Arcade" 🙂


Level 3
This is great! I've been wanting to do the same thing but just don't have the time. Keep it up!

Level 4
I'll definitely try this one!

Suggestion: you could add a toggle key to switch to 4 FPS and 552x372 resolution to simulate how it actually looked like in the 90s (or whatever the original specs were) 😛
Virtual Desktop Developer

Level 5
Hehe. And i thought the 640*800 resolution of the DK1 was bad enough...maybe i could get it to shrink the FOV as well! Il look into that guygodin! thanx 🙂

Level 2
Memories 🙂

Level 2
HAHA! aww Good job man.