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Air link not working

Level 2

I just bought a quest 2 and want to connect to my pc using airlink but whenever I got to use air link on my headset my pc wont show up for me to pair it. Any help is appreciated.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zappyiscool! Let's work together to get Air Link working properly! We'd like you to follow these steps so we can establish a baseline of troubleshooting:

  • Go to the Settings menu inside your Quest 2 and toggle Air Link off.
  • Restart your headset by holding down the power button for 30 seconds, then turning it on again.
  • Close the Oculus PC app and restart your PC.
  • Turn Air Link back on and try again to pair your headset to your PC.
  • Ensure your PC and headset are connected to the same network.

Let us know how this goes for you. We'll for sure provide more help if you need it. Thanks!

Level 3

I've had the same problem. Found it was caused by my router, which was on some paranoid settings to not let detecting devices on intranet. Paranoia is always good, so I let it be. Instead, I made a mobile hotspot from my notebook to directly link it with my headset. It worked perfectly, and without any interference of other network devices (which are many).