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Beat Saber add-ons not sharing on Qwest 2

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My husband and I have separate accounts and one Oculus Quest 2. I was able to play Beat Saber we purchased on his account using mine. I just bought a music pack add-on with his account. I went into mine and it's asking me to buy it again. I don't understand why I can play the game but not the add-on. It's a family Oculus and if I want to have my own account to track my own progress outside my husband I should be able to. It's not like we can play the same game together since it's the same Oculus. 

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It is unreasonable to expect Oculus to overly police the actions of developers (although Meta probably has the clout to do so).  They allow devs to facilitate app sharing or not and this is basically the same thing.  I agree it’s bad form not to allow the packs to be shared but it’s not Oculus’s decision.  It would be useful for them to indicate in the store that the music packs are neither refundable nor shareable.  (Then again they also don’t indicate that bundles are non refundable but that is the case).  The fault of the music pack non-sharability is indeed the fault of the Beat Saber Devs.  Whether they listen to these complaints is an entirely different matter and as you’ve noted it seems like they don’t care.  That’s too bad but given how popular the app is, I imagine it would take a lot of complaints before they move.  Some devs are simply more responsive to users than others.  Just another reason not to like this app.

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Just ran into this issue as well.  Thank you for posting the question ColoXtine and thanks to all that responded.

I have to say that I do feel cheated / robbed.  It seems to me that I bought the content to be played on my device.  It shouldn’t matter who is using my device!!  


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To add insult to injury on this…. They won’t do the refund if you purchased the add-on in the Beat Saber app.


As stated several times by others… this is absolute bate and switch on the part of the developer AND Meta.  

Just found this out today and I am completely disappointed! I refuse to put my payment information under my sons (11yo) account so I am the main user (owner) and bought the games under my name and now my son is screwed unless I buy the game for a second time! Definitely misleading and a rip off!!!

Agree 100%!!!!! My son is very upset about this bc I refuse to buy Beat Saber for a second time just to get the add-ons under his name! Misleading and a rip off!!

Meta/Oculus did finally refund the add-on purchase after I opened a support case. 

However... they termed it as a one-time exception and that I have to adhere to the refund policy in the future.  Which makes no sense since I was already within the agreement no having played the game >2 hours or trying to refund past 14 days.  

I also opened a case with the beat sabre developer the same day and they have no responded at all.  

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This needs to be fixed for many reasons. I had to purchase the songs on my account because my daughters don't have a payment method - and I don't want them to be buying everything. I purchased songs on my account and my daughters are not even able to play them. This should have been easy - all they needed to do was copy how Apple does family sharing!

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Honestly it's a real bummer, I am using 2 different account to be able to track my calories using mostly Beat Saber game, looks like I'll have to be very selective on the songs or buy the packs a second time 😞 a little disapointing.

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How is this even possible to have launched a game where the content can’t be shared across the same accounts on the device???  I’d rather get a refund for my device than have to buy everything 3 times for each account - that’s absolutely absurd

Same problem. Greedy AF they are. I am so done with Beat Saber after learning this. Just total WTH