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Can not connect Quest 2 to Oculus desktop app PC Link

Level 3



I just bought Oculus Quest 2, I bought Oculus Link Cable as well. I really wanted to play some of the cool VR games as this is my first headset. I downloaded the Oculus desktop app, then when I try to connect my headset I am encountering many issues. I use the Oculus Link cable to connect the headset to my PC, and then:


1.) In the headset, I see a pop up menu for "Do you want to allow this device to access data" or something, before I even have a chance to select something, the menu disappears. After multiple times unplugging and replugging, I am able to eventually click on either "Allow" or "Deny" and either way, after that the menu disappears. Its like the pop up box service automatically ends within a couple seconds. 


2.) While the Oculus desktop app does not pick up my headset. It just constantly spins and I am unable to connect.


3.) The Oculus headset gets picked up as an audio device on my computer, so I know that the connection is going through. I've read on some forums that there are problems with Oculus if your computer's USB C is like connected to the motherboard or something... idk wtf that means but I think its pretty ridiculous that even though I have a spec'd out gaming setup, bought all the Oculus brand hardware, and I can't even get this setup properly. 


Posting here is my last resort to see if I can get this thing working before returning all of it.




he barely has enough gpu, he has a 6 gb 1060, which is ok for link but its an underclocked mobile.  i have seen mobile 1060 6 gb work, not all the time but they have worked.

ah man just my luck, im new to PC gaming and did not realize theres always this extra layer of bs to deal with. i have the wrong GPU i guess -_- like who tf is supposed to know this. might have to just go back to console gaming because im literally too dumb to understand this **bleep**. anyway, you guys actually provided me the best answer after two days of research so really appreciate it. gonna return this oculus thing.

you don't have an entirely wrong gpu.


You have a mobile gpu, 1060 6gb, i think its a usb instability.  


try a different cable, use the charging cable it came with there is a support for usb 2.0, but it will rule out gpu issues.



I edited my last post, but I didn’t mean to erase the link that I put in. At first I posted you had the wrong GPU, then I took it back but now I see where I miss read. 

is this a laptop? if so then your graphics card is only compatible if it were a desktop version. 

if it’s any help, I just picked up a laptop with your exact stats almost, except it has an RTX 2070 for the gpu. On sale at Costco through Easter. $1199. And it works flawlessly. 
Msi Ge 75 raider. 10th gen I7.
GeForce Rtx 2070-8g, 16 g ram, 1tb had, 512gb SSD nvme.  

here’s that link again for compatible graphics cards.  this is the official link requirements


that said if you have 6gb vram it should be enough.  while underclocked it has the poewr a 4gb card has.


i still think its usb instability.  go into power settings and make sure everything is maxed out.

I go into power settings but don't see an option to max out anything? Could you please confirm where you see this?




Just make sure nothing goes to sleep and in advanced settings, everything is maxed out.


Hey! I recommend factory resetting the VR and running through the initial process again, also reinstalling the oculus software can help! Sometimes the initial updates go wrong, so factory resetting will correct those issues.

Level 3

Hey Man, 

I have similar problems.  I was able to connect the cable from my quest 2 to the pc and I would hear the connection sound from my pc as well. That I know it is connected.  In the vr, the messages, "allow to access to data" and I click deny as directed from oculus in order to use the app in the pc. So when I did it, the vr would go black for about a sec and send me back to the home screen and a disconnect and reconnect sound play from my pc play. And then the vr give me a notification saying, "Link app has stop working". I have even go out and buy 2 more quest to see if this was a defective or not. I even spend the whole day with the oculus chat support trying ALL the possible troubleshooting solutions and sending my PC log. And guess what? They don't know why this happen. I can not believe how much I spend for something small like this can be fix. So many other people having the same problem. I know it isn't my computer because it is pretty good for vr and gaming. 

My pc spec;

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - 64GB of RAM Memory - AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT - 7TB SSD


I am very annoy as I do not want to return it because I already bought a few game from them. But when people ask me if I would recommend this to them. I will just tell them my problem I had with it and won't be happy to recommend it to anyone. 



Level 2

Hi=) I have the same problem, but I don't want to play.

I only want to connect my quest2 to unity play-mode, I need this connection for a kind of debugging and to send data in real time while I'm playing to another program.

So I'm trying to enable the link option, also if my "Graphic board" is not compatible, only to use the cable.

But the headset is not found when I do the association. 

I connect the cable, in the headset I see the pop up, I select Deny, and then nothing.

Could you please give me some advice?