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Can't disable my controller from interacting with my headset

Level 2

When a controller is connected to my PC while using (wired) Oculus Link and I am viewing my monitors from within the headset, there will be a dot on the screen that follows my head movements. If I press 'A' on my Xbox Elite 2 Controller, it will act as if I left-clicked where that dot is, 'B' brings up the In-Headset keyboard context menu, left-trigger moves my in headset window, and right-trigger seems to snap my cursor back to the dot.


The thing is, I don't want my controller interacting with my headset at all. I want to use my headset, with my computer viewing my monitors in headset and play a game with my controller without those inputs that were meant for the game, also interact with the headset.


Another example is that if I'm playing something like Elite Dangerous, which is (very!) VR capable, but needs more input capability like the mouse and keyboard or bunches and bunches of mapped buttons on a controller. To be honest, the controller is easier for games like Elite Dangerous for most tasks but I can't have my 'A' button interfacing with the headset. Not related to Elite, but I also don't need my left-trigger to suddenly start launching in-headset window that I'm currently looking at all over the place.


If I need input within my headset, I will grab my headset-controllers that I've set safely just off to the side, or if I can't find them, I can take off my headset to look for them. What's more, if I'm going to interface with my computer's monitors, I'll either be close enough to the computer to use the mouse and keyboard or I'll put back on and use the headset's controllers. I'm honestly not sure how this wasn't a user scenario when designing it. I've seen other posts from years ago and there hasn't been any change in this behavior to accommodate this scenario.  

I understand that this doesn't fit all persons because maybe the computer is far away from the Oculus and the only input you have in your hands is the controller but, in my situation, I need the ability to disable that. Is it possible to do this?