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Guardian grid orientation cannot be defined [Quest 1 and 2]

Level 5

So after hours of trying i cannot find a way to correctly orient the guardian grid on my quest 2 neither on my quest 1.


It is VERY important if user can orient the grid, because when drawing a maximum size play area (10mt x 10mt on Quest1, 20mt x 20mt on Quest2) the orientation DOES MATTER.


Let me explain before someone will say "just long press Oculus button to reset orientation": IT IS NOT WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Try to draw a maximum play area: you will notice that at some point the drawn line will stop, forcing you to continue 90 degrees... to create a big square, but that square is bound on the grid orientation.


Neither say "ok, disable it". For some games guardian is MANDATORY.


Looks like the grid orientation is bound the first time you power on the Quest, the VERY FIRST time, and then the orientation will be bounded forever. Restart or Switch off/on will not change the orientation.

It will be bound since you power on your brand new Quest for the first time.

Maybe only a factory reset will reset your grid orientation, and c'mon this is ridiculous.

As said, when setting up maximum space area, orientation is fundamental because if the degrees angle are not aligned to real world space and boundaries and obstacles, it is impossible to set maximum area correctly.


And for me the problem is bigger, because i have 2 quests and i want them to have the same grid orientation.

I have Space Trainer DX and Arena requires 10mt x 10mt.... I potentially have that space, but only if i could rotate the grid....


Just to be clear once for all:




Level 3

Hey there, SPT dev here.


Firstly love your description of the issue, thanks for being so detailed in your report. Love the image you included!


Since OS32 it's been possible to rotate the guardian maximum space during guardian setup.


The direction you are facing when you hit the 'REDRAW' button or "CONTINUE" button (after setting floor level) will be the orientation of the pink square.


I'm currently working on a video to help explain this, as for sure you're not the only one affected by this issue. Let me know if you get it resolved with the guardian setup.


Best regards,



Thanks Chris! First of all i really appreciate your interest in this.


Everybody is affected by this actually. Everyone who wants to draw a full 10m X 10m area is affected. It's not a bug, or my problem. It is the way the Guardian is programmed.

I'm on OS32 and doing like you suggest does not do anything.

"The direction you are facing when you hit the 'REDRAW' button or "CONTINUE" button (after setting floor level) will be the orientation of the pink square."

No, it will not be the orientation of the floor grid, nor the pink square.


Some more detailed explanation, with in-lens pictures.


Keep in mind: we are talking about the floor grid, what you see before you draw any boundary. Problem is in the PRE-setup.

Let's assume i have the floor grid aligned to my black desk:




See the black desk and the " + " are aligned. The grid is placed perfectly on the desk plane in space.

Now, i do everything i can do to change the orientation of the floor grid:

  • Reset view holding Oc button
  • Clear Guardian cache
  • Restart device
  • Reboot device
  • Anything that could make sense

Now, i turn my face 45 degrees on the left. <--- Important

Enter the Guardian again, and i expect to see the floor grid something like this (i did this with Photoshop, it is not real)



Right? The floor grid now is parallel to my new point of view, therefore rotated 45 degrees in real world compared to previous one. See the black desk is rotated 45 (it is my head that i rotated).

Well... NO.
I see this:




I am looking 45 degrees left, but floor grid is still aligned to old real world plane, the desk plane.

And there is no way i can orient the floor grid on a rotation i need.


As said in OP, this is a big issue, because if i want to draw the maximum play area, the square i will draw for the boundary walls have to fit my real space. I have enough space to draw maximum area, but if it is not aligned, the boundaries i will draw will intersect real world walls (picture in original post).


My thought is that the device will store the room information, like shapes, color, lightning, etc... And these information are bound to the Guardian floor grid forever. Clearing Guardian cache will just remove any shape you draw, but not the room informations!!
And this is a huge problem. I have the space to play SPT Arena, but i cannot...


I hope everything is more clear.

I'm afraid you devs at i-illusion cannot do nothing about this, anyways i wait for your info or video.


Thanks again.

Level 3

Hey there, in OS32 the floor grid *is not aligned* it's the maximum boundary.  The floor grid is currently always arbitrarily oriented and *can not be realigned* but if you start the redraw procedure staring in a specific direction, you will get a max 10x10 square orientated in that direction.


This is definitely not an optimal solution - it would be much easier to mentally understand if the + + + grid also orientated (which we hope happens in a future OS update fingers_crossed_emoji) but it's workable




Level 5

No, if i start the redraw procedure the grid is still aligned wrong.
And the " + + + + + " orientation is very important because the most distant boundary line on the floor is bound to that " + " orientation!
When you draw the maximum square, you see that the square is aligned and MUST be aligned to the grid. Maximum boundaries take the shape of those " + " orientation!
If i cannot sync the floor grid with real world, i cannot use my 10meters square room.


NOTE: if you use a Quest 2, you can draw a 10meters square anyway you want without following the " + " orientation, because Quest 2 maximum is 20 meters square.

But in Oculus 1 that maximum is exactly 10 meters... so YOU HAVE to follow the " + " orientation to have a 10 meters square boundaries..

i bet you are using a Q2... try a Q1.


I think we are misunderstanding each other.

Hey Chris, having very similar issues to TheTonaz, but while your described solution reorientating the grid in the direction I am looking does work for me, it is still not really a workable solution as you then need to draw the entire 10m space manually before you can work out if you are off by a few degrees. I literally have only 10mx10m physical space so it needs to be degree perfect to work for me. Since it takes several minutes to draw out such a large playspace (and frequently much longer, as it keeps losing track mid draw and restarting the setup), this means I am playing pot luck with where my head is facing and despite my best efforts seem to spend hours alternating back and forth between being a few degree out first in one direction and then the next. Hard to get it working just for single player and I can totally forget about same space multiplayer.


What is needed is third setup option alongside stationary and roomscale. "Max Roomscale". Make it optional accessed via the guardian menu settings if you dont want to confuse the regular user with a third option on startup. But this guardian setup should default to autodraw a 10x10m grid as soon as you select it, with the ability to move the grid as you physically move and rotate the grid via the standard long press on the right menu button, before then selecting "finished". This would make it trivially easy to align the max playspace where you want it, turning what currently takes me over 30mins on average into a 10 second job.


Thx and appreciate if that could be added to the feature roadmap, as SPT is really awesome when it does work.


I know I’m coming into this conversation late, but I’m having the same issue. I only have enough space to create a 10 x 10 grid if it is oriented correctly.

I will try your method again. But if you have any new information, please share.

thanks much, Joe

Level 11

I'm a bit confused. Since you are literally drawing the Guardian boundary in the desired shape and location... why does it matter the orientation of the guide squares? If you make a square guardian for your play space, it's still going to be square, and the walls will be where you put them. When I set up a guardian at my dad's place, the guide squares are diagonal compared to the room. But the guardian is still in the exact shape and location I drew it.


And really, the orientation of those guide squares makes absolutely no difference. As an experiment I redrew my guardian as a square following the pattern on my carpet instead of following the walls. Meaning it was at 45 degrees to the room I was in. Thus the shape was also at 45 degrees to the guide squares. And this made absolutely no difference to the resulting guardian.


Mind you, yes I've experienced guardian drift a few times on previous versions. When that happened, I had to redraw because one side of my guardian would be past a wall instead of along the wall. But that hasn't happened since October of last year.


TLDR Version: Ignore the squares, and draw following the walls or other physical landmarks for your play space. You do not have to follow the grid pattern being displayed.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

I'm kinda sure the issue is something different than what you think it is. 😄

Level 3

The original post really made it very clear what is missing. Let me rephrase what is missing again because it's May 2022 and it's still missing..


What is missing?

The ability to rotate and move 'the square' is missing.


What is 'the square'?

It's the maximum sized square (or we can call it an area, but it still is a square) you can draw and drew while setting up a room scale guardian.


Hope this clears the matter at hand.