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Oculus Quest 2 guardian floor bug.

Level 3
Floor level in games with the oculus quest 2 is NOT correct and makes a huge problem in all games. I find I am about 10cm off from my real height (to tall) and makes gameplay not work in most games correctly. Beat saber notes appear too low and you have to eyeball both a floor offset and manually set your height to fix the notes. It doesn't feel 100% right and you can't judge proper height or depth due to the platform not having texture for you to perceive depth. 

In 11 table tennis you can set the floor within the game (same as you do with the guardian) and it visually shows the difference between floor height and real height.

A lot of users are having this issue and setting controller on the ground does not behave as expected when setting guardian. It's hard to tell that it's wrong until you play games and many are probably not sensitive to the issue. 

Is this due to the new cameras having a different focal length and this just needs a calibration?

Level 2

I need to turn off Guardian - yet - I can't find Developer Mode to do this. I don't care about tracking or Guardian when I'm sitting in a racing sim chair. I truly believe this causes the headset to "blank" out - yeah - during a race. 

I finally got the main update 34 and it did in fact fix the guardian floor level bug. Like last time, nothing but that worked. 

Level 3

Version 34 seems to have fixed my problem.   FYI:  Leave the headset ON, leave it charging, leave it near a wi-fi access point!  "Check for Updates" doesn't work!  It's gotta do it alone.  


Finally a couple of days ago, I checked the version and magically I was upgraded.  


I was always turning the headset off so that it would charge faster.  


The more you know....  Hoping the floating floor problem is gone for good!!  

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Legend! This worked a treat. So it definitely looks like my issue was identical to yours. The floor level was reset into a "bugged / incorrect" state while I was playing around with hand gestures and this resetted it back to normal.



Level 2

I’m having the same issue. When I place one or both controllers on the floor, after I start to get up, the controllers loose tracking and the game sees them about a foot higher than their actual location on the floor. At some point the floor starts moving with the headset 

I have the same issue and it was my thought that direct lighting and bright reflections cause the cameras to glare out, causing guardian and other sensor issues.  When I tried to use on a cement floor my guardian issues started, and I think it was due to the ceiling lights reflecting off the glossy floor.  From what I have read the best light is indirect or ambient light.  A few lights with shades is better than a bright overhead light.  I have not tested yet, but the symptoms match... and when I moved back upstairs to a normal floor the issue went away after a while.

Ok I have started experiencing this issue in the same room where it worked before. After setting it up correctly in a different room and on startup having my left controller on the floor (helps sometimes) I set it up correctly. Went into the other room where I had issues previously and noticed that Oculus is picking up obstructions on the floor and detecting the floor higher. (Red dots) nevertheless it works. Under different light it detects it correctly. One room has carpet the other is a marble floor. Hope this helps. 

How do I clear my guardian info?

Level 2

I have the same problem. Take the controller to the floor and the guardian sets the floor level about four inches too high. Stand up and the guardian floor level rises to about 15+ inches. I've tried it on hard wood floor, black and white tile floor, different colors of carpet, different levels of room light. Restarted the machine multiple times. Nothing helps. Occulus support only tells you to "touch the controller to the floor". Greedy face book. What a waste of money.

Hello Desk_solaire,


We understand that you are having issues with your guardian settings.


We at Oculus know this can be confusing, luckily we have information specifically for this feature.


Feel free to reference the article on this issue here


If you ever need assistance in the near future, feel free to private message us click here or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. 


Thank you.