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Oculus Quest and random WIFI lost issues

Level 7

Some people are reporting that they get "Wifi connection is lost" randomly during usage! So do I....

I have not been digging to deep in to this yet.
But when checking around in forums there are some reports telling you that it might occur when you are using the same SSID on dualband (2,4 & 5 GHz) wifi routers / AP's! (Or if it's simply occuring if it switches between AP's)

I'm using like 4 Ubiquiti Unifi AP's in the house with a Cloudkey controller.
It's feels like it's working ok, have not seen this on other WIFI devices in my setup. But it could simply happen in the background on other devices. 

The Oculus Quest seems to loose the connection and reestablish it for me randomly, the closest AP is only like 2 meters from the Oculus Quest.
So it's abit annoying when information popup randomly during gameplay. (Yesterday while streaming to FB)

Any one else been experience it and found a solution for it? Known issue with Oculus?

I will test to create a dedicated SSID using the 5GHz band for all AP's only, to see if it helps and might be related to using the same SSID on 2,4 & 5 GHz.
If that do not help, I will try to use a Single AP using same SSID on 2,4 & 5 GHz, to see if it could be relate to switching between AP's.
Last test would be to use one SSID on the 5GHz band and a singel dedicated AP.

This will take some time to test as it's randomly occuring, so any other feedback on the issue from you out there would be nice!

By the way, are there any way to extract a local WIFI / Event log, from the Oculus Quest to investigate it easier?


Level 7
Ok, I didn't follow my inital test plan... (To much to do..)

But the following setup works great, no lost WIFI connection on Quest or Go!

Did set up a "Oculus" dedicated SSID on 5GHz Band, only using the nearest AP in the house.
It will forcing the Oculus equipment to stay put on a single AP on the 5GHz band.
Will try it some more and then also add the 2,4GHz band, using the same dedicated SSID.

For Ubiquiti Unifi settings;
Simply add a new WIFI network and another SSID and deploy it.
(Then it will be available on all AP's)
Then simply remove that network/SSID on each individual AP and band you do not want it to be available on.
(Resulting in only beeing available on one AP and the 5GHz band.)


Level 2
Having same issues, and curious to here if your findings hold up. We have a mesh network that mixes is up, but I only have quest issues when it gets bumped to the 2.4 version of the network

Level 4
I have (not including my Quest) three total devices that draw frame rate from my Comcast modem.  I have the 2nd best send/receive bit-rate.  Only the Quest reports wifi signal loss.  Poker Stars is unplayable.  However, when I'm downloading a new game/app the through the store, there's no indication of interruption.  I'm thinking maybe a Poker Stars issue. Dunno...

Level 2
I just got my quest yesterday and am having the same issues with intermittent WiFi connection loss

Level 2
Yeah WiFi on mesh network dropping out is BS. Might just return the quest.

this happened on my friends using Orbi but I thought it was maybe just his setup. Bought one and same thing happens with brand new quest connected to Samsung SmartThings mesh network.

Looks like the quest is the one thing that can’t be used on a mesh network...

Have to disable WiFi and reenable it in quest and it works again...

I hate facebook....

Level 2
I am having the same problem and i can't believe oculus have not provided a fix for this yet. It's been months since they were told about this issue.

If you have a dual band router that automatically switches between 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands then you may run into this issue of the wifi dropping every 20 minutes or so.  It makes watching movies and playing some games without interruption impossible.

Come on Oculus, get off your backsides and do something to fix this problem.

Level 2
Same here. 😕 Bought a new Quest and ran into annoying Wi-Fi drops.

I am also using a mesh network with several repeaters on 2.4 and 5Ghz network sharing the same SSID.
A quite normal setup nowadays.

I am really disappointed and expect a fix from Oculus.

Level 2
I really need a fix for this, quest keeps bouncing from 2.4 to 5ghz. I need it to just stay on the 5ghz.

Level 3
I have the same problem. I have an Orbi Mesh Network which does not allow to split 2.4 and 5 GHz. The Quest disconnects so much I've stopped using it. All my other devices work flawlessly on my Mesh Network.