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Oculus warranty repair problem

Level 2

Immediately after the purchase, the device stopped working. I reported this through the support website and for the second month now I have been waiting for the logistics team to pick up the Oculus from me to start the repair or replacement procedure. Have any of you had such experiences and do anyone know how to solve this problem? Repeatedly writing on this matter has no effect. I feel powerless.


Level 3

I feel your pain. Ive been trying for months now to do some **bleep** sim racing without a crash every 5 to 10 mins. Can't even play poker. They bricked our rift headsets and then laughed in our face. Good luck brotha. Join Discord they are trying to mount a Class Action Suit because money is the only language these **bleep**s understand!!!!

Level 2

Thanks. It is very frustrating and incomprehensible. Why does a repair at other companies take a maximum of two weeks, and in this case it is already two months and you do not know how long it may take? I'm running out of ideas and will have to use social media to share my experiences as this is not normal. After all, I didn't buy some cheap product from China from an unknown manufacturer!

Yeah. It's not right. If we offered our services for $400 and they paid upfront they would spend $800 to get the original $400 but it's ok for them to do what they want. For instance you sign up for a membership they take the money immediately but if they double charge you or something it takes a month to get back what's yours. We gotta stop letting these corporations do this to us. What's right is right and this isn't right!!!