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PLEASE HELP, unpairing xbox controllers from your oculus headset HOW?

Level 2

I paired my Xbox controller with my Oculus Quest 2 headset, and whenever I'd 'Link' the oculus with my PC the xbox controller would behave oddly. (This is a result of both the PC and the Oculus reading the controller input, resulting in a double input issue) 

Some have used other big screens outside of 'Link,' to circumvent this issue, however, I fixed this by pairing my controllers with an Xbox I had access to. I tried this with a PC receiver, and it would not work. disconnecting an reconnected Bluetooth had no effect either. 


Level 2

NEVERMIND! unfortunately I jumped the gun the second I connected it back to my PC the oculus automatically paired with it again... uninstalling the oculus app does nothing, and I'm back at square one

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey @Fross09 we see you're needing to unpair your Xbox controller from your Quest 2. We know how annoying it can be when our devices behave oddly, and we want to help so you can get back to gaming properly. We appreciate you attempting to troubleshoot on your own so far. 


To unpair your controllers:

  1. Open the Oculus app on your phone.
  2. Tap Devices from the bottom menu.
  3. Tap the Oculus Quest 2 or Quest headset you currently have paired.
  4. Tap Controllers, then tap the controller that you want to unpair.
  5. Tap Unpair Controller.

If these steps do not work for you, our only option at this time may be to perform a factory reset. If you are worried about your gaming progress, please make sure your device is up to date as there has been a new Oculus Cloud Backup feature released in v35.


We understand performing a factory reset each time you would like to disconnect your Xbox controller is not ideal, so if you would like to make a suggestion on behalf of this issue you can do so here


We hope this helps, but if you need further assistance let us know. 😊🙏