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Quest 1 link heavy stuttering only with Sharpening enable

Level 5

Like object, with original quest 1 using wired link or air link when you trigger the guardian boundary the stuttering is very visible, even in desktop view. 

Metering with ODT its obvious that the problem is relative to link, showing in the osd link graph visible frame drop.

Note that if I disable sharpening, the stuttering problem dissappear.

Was present in v40 up to v42


Level 5

V43 same issue.


Still, if Sharpening is disable the stuttering disappear.

Hello there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You shouldn't be having many issues with the guardian. We completely get your concern here, and we're happy to help out!



There a few things we need to verify first:


  • Are you using Airlink or the Oculus Link cable?
  • Does this only happen when guardian is visible?
  • What else is affected? 
  • Can you provide a video? 


This information will help us better determine what the issue is and what troubleshooting steps to provide you with. This way, we can provide the best solution. We hope to hear from you soon!



Level 5

Thank for reply.

I've just contacted from one of you guys, following this thread:


We're actually exchanging mail trying solutions, stil haven't found a good one.

Futher test evidence that the stuttering is not caused by the guardian, disabling guardian dosen't fix it, but the cause to me is the Link Sharpenig enable.

Disabling sharpening totally fix the stuttering, unfotunally it's not an acceptable compromise.


I think it's actually a bug on link and Quest 1, as on same pc my Quest 2 works pefectly fine with Sharpening actived.

BTW I'm using official link cable.




Thank you for getting back to us with these details! We're glad a specialist could assist you. Go ahead and continue troubleshooting through email. They'll be able to assist you further. We hope you have a great day!

Level 5

V44 same issue.


Still, if Sharpening is disable the stuttering disappear


The Lady that follow up my support request told me the issue is passed to developers. I hope v44 had the fix, unfortunately not. 

Level 2

You aren't alone, I've been having this issue since V40 as well and it's completely ruined VR for me. Without sharpening, everything is a massive blurry mess that even Reshade sharpening or injecting FSR/CAS sharpening won't fix. Oculus' own solution is the only thing that actually works and at this point it wouldn't surprise me if it's been "broken" on purpose because of how good it is just to make the Q2 look more appealing. I really do hope this gets fixed and I really hope we don't have to spend even more months eagerly waiting for a fix that never comes