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apps/games wont install

Level 2

all my apps/games uninstalled one day and ever since every time i install it it goes up 100% then i just get an error message saying "sorry we couldn't install (name of game or app) visit oculus support to get help" and i do what they say and still does it (its been happening for like a month or more) anyone know how to fix if you need to know more just ask me.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Oh no! Not having games is far from the VR future we imagine. We are determined to help you get them back! If you haven't already, please sign out and back into your mobile app. This acts as re-syncing the library. Let us know if this helps!

it still is happening the problem is happening on my computer on the oculus app on my computer @OculusSupport i logged out on my computer app and logged back in it still happens


 this is the error message I'm getting (i just used blade and sorcery to show) it does it with all 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey inverse_aspect,


We appreciate you reaching out to Oculus Support! We strive to build exciting products that offer unique experiences and the negative one you're having isn't at the bar we hold for Oculus. It's no secret that problems like these can have a powerful impact on your overall VR adventures, we're no stranger to these types of problems ourselves. We're committed to addressing this issue so that you can have a smooth experience moving forward. We've found some steps you could take, which we think would help us nail down key drivers in this obstacle.


  • Attempt to install the game again but pause the installation before it fails (in your case, 99%)
  • Head over to the drive you installed the Oculus software to
  • Navigate to Oculus\Software\Staging\(game in question)
  • Find the folder of the game and make a copy to another location (like desktop or a folder of your choice)
  • Go back to the Oculus\Software\Staging\(game in question) and inside it should be an executable file for the game, which you'll want to run as administrator
    This should add the game to your Oculus game list
  • Remove it from your library and copy the files back into the Staging directory
  • Start installing the game again. It should actually start Verifying the install instead of downloading it

 This seems to be the fix people are finding, as there may be a bug running that executable automatically. Once it completed the 'install' each time and failed, it deleted those Staging files which are just temp files. If you can, submit a bug report here with any information you have so we can get it documented.

We hope that this alleviates the problem and improves your experience so you can get to exploring all of the exciting things VR has to offer. If it doesn't, feel free to follow up with us and we'll make sure this gets resolved.


Warm regards in this chilly season!

i cant find the Oculus\Software\Staging\ in my files i checked everywhere


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there inverse_aspect, thanks for your response! The folder tree should be located wherever you installed the Oculus software to. If you installed it to the C:/ drive, it'll be located under C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Staging. We hope this answers your questions, please let us know if there's any others you need answered. Cheers!

when i go to C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software there is nothing there @OculusSupport 



i found it and did it all and it still does it