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Business to Consumer software

Level 2

Hey peeps, I’ve got gifted a quest 2 by our company cause we don’t use them no more for work. 

so now I can actually don’t download anything or sideload apps cause they don’t pop up in my App Library.


is there any way to flash the quest 2 from business to consumer via adb sideload? 

Thank you so much 


Level 4

Hi TYFN1738,


I just did it for ours and it works this way:


On your Quest:

- hold power button and volume down until logo appears

- factory reset

- hold power button and volume down until logo appears

- choose sideload update

- connect to pc


On your computer:

- install ADB Bridge

- download

- don`t unzip it, just save it somewhere

- open console and type

- cd C:\PATH_TO_YOUR_ANDROID_FOLDER\Android\Sdk\platform-tools

- adb.exe

- adb sideload C:\PATH_TO_YOUR_ZIP


Keep in mind you`ll need an android device with the oculus app and you`ll have to do it for every headset!


Cheers, Can