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Compatibility rift 2 controllers with the quest 2 headset.

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Today I want to buy Quest 2 controllers for my headset.

Someone is offering to sell me their rift 2 controllers.


I would like to know if rift 2 controllers are compatible with the quest 2 headset.

I already have my idea on the subject but I would like a confirmation from the support.


Thanking you in advance


I presume you mean Rift-S. No, Rift-S controllers are compatible with the Quest 1, but not the Quest 2.

Thanks ! I meant Rift-S.
Thank you for that answer !!

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Other than the Rift-S / Quest 1 (both released at the same time, so use the same controllers) as user_901925786032222 said, all other Oculus controllers (Rift CV1, Quest 2, Go) are only compatible with the headset model they came with.


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