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Could time-warp's black edges be improved?

Level 5
While playing Obduction, and noticing timewarp kicking-in as I tweaked my graphics settings.. I got an idea..
When time-warp kicks in, it's usually noticeable by a black-edge of the screen that gets dragged into the peripheral edges of our view a little.. But what if instead of just black, it was an averaged color for the moment, near that edge?
I mean, considering it's usually so tiny in the peripheral vision anyway, even if the color wasn't perfect or had to be entirely one solid color for performance sake, I don't think we'd consciously notice it as much.. Whereas with the black, I almost always notice when it kicks in, even tho it's easy to ignore.
Of course, I'm not sure if it's even possible to set the color of that, and they probably wouldn't want to increase the rendering complexity, but hopefully just setting it to a solid color at that moment wouldn't need much of any additional effort.
I'd be surprised if this hasn't been suggested before.. heh


Level 4
Excellent idea. @cybereality please forward this to the developers.