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Do you need to have oculus touch controllers to play steam VR or can you use the normal ones?


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Volunteer Moderator


@Oldmanyoda_lolol What exactly do you mean by "normal ones"? The touch controllers are the normal ones for these headsets.

Do you mean Vive/Index controllers? Technically they can be made to work (only with SteamVR games, not Oculus ones), but it's expensive (you need lighthouse base stations, multiple receiver dongles, etc) and there are issues due to using two incompatible tracking systems at the same time.

Or do you mean game pads? Some older games might work with that (Subnautica uses a gamepad in vr). But most need vr controllers.


Rift CV1, Rift-S and Airlink/Link enabled Quests (1 and 2) can use their touch controllers with SteamVR games. You'll need to have unknown sources enabled in the oculus desktop software for SteamVR to be usable.


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