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Full Body Wireless VR

Level 4
Hi all,

Here is a video showing a Full Body Wireless VR setup using the MSI VR One, a Perception Neuron mocap suit and the good old DK2.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Level 4
Very impressive, I wonder how long before stuff like this get commercialized? 

Level 7
Enjoy?  If we aren't using one 1st hand or going to use 1 then it shouldn't matter to us?

Level 8
The scaling seemed massively off on that one. He seemed to walk much further in the actual room than the demo scene. 

Additionally, while very cool, Who the hell has space for that? πŸ™‚

Level 13

AntDX3162 said:

Enjoy?  If we aren't using one 1st hand or going to use 1 then it shouldn't matter to us?

Calm down dear.  It is quite a common phrase when one puts up what they believe to be a good piece of information that he thinks interested parties may like.

Level 12
Well said @andyring
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Level 4

The commercialization is something I haven't tought about, mostly because I've built the entire setup mainly to be used within working environments ( the next tech demo will focus on that ), and since all the hardware is available right now, the main point for me will be to use the entire system as a service, rather then selling the entire hardware.

About the scale: from the video the impression is that the scale is off, but inside the VR environment it fits perfectly, since you can see the character walking, but is something that ( unfortunately ) can't be easily translated in a video.