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GOLD RUSH FAILURE : Congratulations on choosing a FAKE Windows 10 exclusive

Level 9
I don't know which part is the best :
- The part where Oculus VR chooses a (fake) Windows 10 exclusive title for the Gold Rush event.
- The part where the Oculus Store won't let you download SPRINT VECTOR on Windows 7, by removing it's download button.
The part where SPRINT VECTOR happens to work fine on Windows 7, as
reported by the Steam users who ARE able to download and play it.

might think the Oculus Store has "two days" left to fix their latest
triple blunder ? Think again because we've been asking them to stop
blocking those downloads of so called fake "Windows 8/10 exclusives" for


Level 11

I had a Xeon Quad Dual system 11 years ago.

It was absurdly fast back then.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Direct x 12 only works with windows 10 and many vr games use dx 12. When dx 13 comes out and requires you to have the lastest system build update whether thats windows 10 or windows 11 what are you going to do then? Because knowing how microsoft is thats how it will probably be.

I'd like to see more DX12 games though, that was the main reason I upgraded before the free option disappeared. Seems to be only 6 or 7 games each year with the capability and I have very few of them ...Deus Ex MD might be the only game come to think of it!. Oh well, Metro Exodus is on the horizon, that's reason enough right there.  

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