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GOLD RUSH FAILURE : Congratulations on choosing a FAKE Windows 10 exclusive

Level 9
I don't know which part is the best :
- The part where Oculus VR chooses a (fake) Windows 10 exclusive title for the Gold Rush event.
- The part where the Oculus Store won't let you download SPRINT VECTOR on Windows 7, by removing it's download button.
The part where SPRINT VECTOR happens to work fine on Windows 7, as
reported by the Steam users who ARE able to download and play it.

might think the Oculus Store has "two days" left to fix their latest
triple blunder ? Think again because we've been asking them to stop
blocking those downloads of so called fake "Windows 8/10 exclusives" for


Level 15
I posted this in a previous thread but I copy here since it's relevant. The Windows 10 requirement on the store is a developer controlled option. Meaning, if a game requires Windows 10 on the store, it is because the developer purposefully (or mistakenly) picked the Win 10 OS requirement option. To fix this, the developer could submit a new build with the proper options selected, or contact us to see if we can help. 
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Level 9
Oculus Support had
TWO YEARS worth of requests to finish fixing this kind of issue before
it ever happened, thank you for telling me I should try
contacting them again (for the fun), but as you might remember my latest
request on this forum was for a hack that would allow Windows 7 users
to bypass the Oculus Store OS check, because that's how bad Oculus
Store Support has proven to be on this two year old self-inflicted issue.

Level 9
Can't see your issue, the developers don't say it works on windows 7 so Oculus should let people download it on windows 7 and find it doesn't work? yes it may work but if its not supported or tested I can see why a developer won't take that chance.

So how is this the fault of Oculus?

On a secondary note, why not just get... you know... get windows 10...
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Level 9
The Oculus Store Support isn't pushing me onto Windows 10, half as much as it is pushing me out of the Oculus Store.

Level 7
Its not an Oculus store issue. As Cyber said above, it is controlled entirely by the Developer who publishes the game. 
If I write a game, and I choose what to post it as on the oculus store, and I say its win 95 only, thats not the oculus store fault, its my fault.

Level 7
Putting in requests to Oculus support for "two years" is pointless, as its not something THEY control. You need to contact the game dev.

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Good grief, just install Windows 10 already. Windows 7 is ALMOST 9 YEARS OLD for gawd's sake. How many more years are you going to insist on continuing to use it? Why not another 11 to make it a round 20 years in total? lol

Windows 8 has to go down as the worst version of Windows that's ever been released but Windows 10 is a million miles better. I actually think it's better than 7 myself.

Just install it. 😮

Level 15
In the year 2018,

Fake Windows 10 > Legit Windows 7

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