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How to launch Oculus Home in Library View?

Level 3

I already asked on Reddit, but got practically no answer.

I want to launch Oculus Home so that the first thing it shows is my Library.

Even when i already have been in Library View and then quit, Oculus Home doesn't remember my last view, and next time still launches with it's default "oh look, here's some boring stuff that doesn't interest you, but i'll show it to you anyway, even if you don't want to see it"-view.

Is there a way to force Library view as my default? Steam gives me the option, Oculus Home should have that as well, right?


Level 3
Can no one help me out with my issue?

Level 8
No one. It's just another one of those things you have to take or leave. Staff doesn't have much input here.
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Level 3
Alright. I've bought only one game on Oculus Home - Lone Echo. Other than Lone Echo 2, i've decided to not buy anything else on Oculus.

I chose the store that lets me customize my start view, and that's Steam. I'll buy all my VR games on Steam, since i can play them with my Rift S all the same. With VorpX i play most games from Steam anyway.

Thanks for nudging me in the right direction.

Level 15
For goodness sake, all you need to do is open the Oculus Desktop app, select the library tab, click on the game, then put on your headset.

Pretty fast and painless imho.
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Level 3
You're missing the point. I don't like companies disrespecting customers by forcing things on them they don't want or need. I support companies that give the customer options and choices. That's one of the reasons why i always hated Apple and will never buy anything from them, nor will i ever say a good word about them in public. But i digress...

And besides, launching Home multiple times a day (because it's always in the way, not like Steam that can be minimized and stays minimized) would require multiple times correcting the default view.

There's no "you're using it wrong" here - only the fail of a company to give their product enough options to satisfy a wide variety of customers.

Oh, and another thing: People swallowing this sheepishly instead of collectively asking for a usability improvement is the reason why Oculus Facebook will not change it. And, mark my words, things will get much worse in the future, once Facebook has the required dominance over the VR market.

Level 9
 So you knew that it is not possible to do what you are asking before you asked? Possibly another perspective is you are missing the point. You seem a bit salty over this, even enough to say you don't intend on buying new games from Oculus
I'm thinking that you having such strong feelings shows obtuse intolerance. Just my opinion. 
 Some customers feel immediately entitled to have their asses kissed once they made a single purchase. It is my opinion that companies can not make some folks happy and they should just let those customers go to the competition. 
 Just my point of view.
 Trying to be helpful here though. So here is a few things to consider since you've searched far and wide for the answers.
 1) Accept the fact  that this is normal behavior of the software. It's not an issue 
 2) If above doesn't work for you, maybe meds will help.
 3) If still no joy, buy a Valve or just give up VR, it upsets you too much.   
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Level 3
I'm salty, because i asked on the biggest Oculus forum, on r/oculus, and got practically no answers. Someone could've explained and said "no, it's not possible". I had to go to the trouble to make an account here, just for asking about this one thing.

If i'm being completely honest, i wanted to know
1) if anything can be done,
2) why there's no such option even if every other store has it, and
3) how people are dealing with this.

But maybe Oculus users really have this casual-like mentality, and if i want options, i'm in the wrong team. "Unfortunately" Oculus has the most reliable hardware and drivers ATM. Oculus Home is the lesser evil that i can accept because i hardly really use it. Most of my activity is on Steam and VorpX anyway.

And, please, there's no need for mocking, unless you really want to keep away newcomers like me. I'm here to discuss, not to offend anyone, even if i have a different opinion.

So, in the end i guess i got answers to 1) and 3), but there's still an answer missing. Why can't there be such an option? It obviously can be done, but i get the feeling that no one here wants that. What am i missing?

Level 3
Silence? Why am i not surprised.

I see that different opinions are not welcome here. Transparency and mature discussion without mockery are too much to ask either.

That's not a good first impression of the Oculus community, i'm sorry to say. Well, message received. I'm gone.