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IR tracking on fabric

Level 3
more of a question towards the developers, aswell as tech savy people. From what i can tell, the oculus headset and touch controllers are tracked with IR emmiters seen by the sensors. 

Why cant we do something different. Put IR emmiters and detectors in the sensors. And have the controllers be fabric gloves with IR reflective shapes printed on to it, acting as tracking points, each finger could have a different reflective shape to differentiate it and everything. This would make the price of a controller just the price of a fabric glove. and it would also make gesture based controls easier.

and for the icing on the cake, if you were playing shooting game, all you would need to guide your hand into the shape of a guns handle would be anything vaguely gun shaped, life a nerf pistol.

the only issue I can think of is IR from sensors interfering with each other, or the IR reflective surface on the glove being to difficult to track. 

I want you guys’ opinion on this
i think it’s a good idea, but I don’t fully understand the technical issues this might bring up.

Level 3
Also and just to add on, it would make full body tracking better, for instance you could put the same tracking tech onto a T-shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
making the oculus a valid budget option for young CGI animators as full motion body tracking

Level 10
I'm pretty sure they thought about that as it's, for example, the technic use by TrackIR Device for years.

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