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Is there any way to make a custom object with physics?

Level 3
I have successfully imported several very cool custom items (.glb files), but they all behave like that the standard decoration items, in that they have no physics and therefore are not affected by gravity.

So, I can't help but wonder is there any way to create a custom object that has physics, so that it can be dropped/thrown?

I would like to make/acquire some custom books to put on a shelf with the built-in Oculus and Farlands books, and ideally I would like for them to also behave the same, if possible.

Much thanks, in advance, for any info!

C. Scott Davis

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Not sure, but I think looking deeper into Oculus Medium will have more answers.  I swore that I saw some things you could change the physics of the object.

Level 3
Same question.
I make an object in a blender, I turn on physics there, but - in Oculus Home it shows no physical properties, including gravity.
How to make him be physically active, like a ball?

Level 3
You would actually need to add custom meta data to the glb/gltf to declare an object as dynamic, default setup is static automatically. I tried this out fiddling with the data in the gltf file but none of my tests were working, so either its not supported yet for custom imports or there is a special way to setup the gltf that I couldnt figure out.

Level 2
After nearly 2 years, is there any further movement (pardon the pun) on this gravity question?