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Meta and Microsoft announce (another) formal Partnership: Metaverse

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I've been excited about Microsoft and Facebook (now Meta) partnering together on the VR front for years. It started with something as simple as the XBox Gamepad launching alongside the Rift CV1. Then we had the VR App that let you stream XBox gaming to your Rift. A personal favorite of mine is when Oculus Studios partnered with Microsoft's Studio to deliver the Bladerunner VR experience.


And while the partnership never fully blossomed in to something more predominant than some basic hardware/software implementations... after 5 years we finally have the first substantial impact.


Meta and Microsoft announce partnership to integrate Workplace and Teams

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, on Wednesday announced a partnership with Microsoft that will allow customers to integrate Meta's Workplace enterprise social network software with Microsoft Teams.

The integration gives customers access to Workplace content inside the Teams app. Likewise, users can view Teams video meetings in the Workplace app.


The partnership between Meta and Microsoft brings together two rivals that compete in the enterprise communication software market. Workplace and Teams, however, do not have complete overlap. Whereas Workplace is focused on broad, companywide connections, Teams is focused on instantaneous communication between workers and their direct colleagues.


This integration had been requested by customers including Vodafone and Accenture, Meta's head of Workplace, Ujjwal Singh, told CNBC.


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This is really big news in the world of VR for Business. My personal take on this is that Accenture played a crucial role in Meta and Microsoft agreeing to integrate their Enterprise Workplace offerings. I've personally maintained a long-standing relationship with Accenture - having worked on  large projects for them for a few years, and collaborating with their VR Team - and Accenture's influence in the world of Enterprise is very, very strong. So if Accenture wanted it to happen, it really doesn't surprise me that Meta and Microsoft agreed.


This news is great evidence of the fact that... even though two organizations may be rivals/competitors, they can still form partnerships successfully.


I can't wait to experience this myself, as Microsoft Teams is a primary tooling at my own workplace. Fun stuff!