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Oculus has lost there court case!!

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Oculus has lost there court case, What do people think is going to happen, did we purchase an expensive headset whiich is doomed to fail now?

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Based on the handful of articles I've read about the case, there seems to be a wide range of stances regarding its likely effect on both Oculus VR's future and VR's future in general. This article by Dean Takahashi of Venturebeat (voted by NYTimes as "one of the best tech blogs in 2008," acc. to Wikipedia) has a fairly well-balanced take on the issue and also quotes analyst Stephanie Llamas of SuperData Research (whatever that is).


 Meanwhile, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company did very little due diligence in its acquisition, approving the deal in a matter of days. If Facebook’s attorneys had more time to vet the deal, would they have discovered any of these legal problems?

Of course, if there is a big mistake here, it was that Facebook allowed the trial to proceed instead of settling the case for a smaller amount of money.

The consequences also go beyond the monetary award. VR itself is likely to survive, as the litigation has no impact on competitors like Google Daydream View or HTC Vive. ZeniMax’s threat to stop sales of the Rift could put a cloud over the system, said Llamas.

“This likely won’t affect Oculus or Samsung in the near future, though, since ZeniMax has to wait until after Facebook’s appeal,” Llamas wrote. “If ZeniMax wins, Facebook’s devices will probably be halted next year or beyond. In the meantime, developers may look for other devices on which to develop so as not to get caught up in any of Facebook’s consequences. Either way, it’s bad for Oculus.”

And bad for Luckey.

“Palmer Luckey, on the other hand, continues to be a PR liability for the company since he is essentially the reason for the payout. After being the wunderkind of Oculus, his ties last year to a pro-Trump website and this lawsuit are giving Facebook all the more reason to keep him out of the spotlight for good,” Llamas said. “The narrative of Oculus being a $3 billion company that grew out of this kid’s basement is falling apart. There was a novelty to that story that gave the company the same authenticity that made people fall in love Apple, Microsoft, and even Facebook.”


Article link:

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agenttoff said:


Also, it's "their."   "Their court case."   🙂

u right!!  thanks for the correction, i missed completely, balls!
thx for setting straight...hopefully we get content soon to enjoy

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Atmos73 said:

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The good news is Serene can be hired, the bad news is that apparently cost Bill Gates $5m when he did so. Owned by Russian vodka tycoon Yuri Scheffler, the build cost $330m. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

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But he does bring up some good points that don't make sense really: Maybe lucky was a bit "setup" if that is the case.. To me it's clear - Zen doesn't care about VR - it had a programmer that was really into the idea and they thought it was better spent on something else - They tried to double up on their profits - but lost. Now Oculus became billions and they wanted some of that money - they pull the old NDA trick both on the programmer and the spokes person (luckey).

Even if Luckey did show off DOOM with their hardware - it's no different than when they used the Rift to show case it off for themselves. It's stupid to blame Luckey and not Zen at the same time. I think they will bring that up and lower the value of the ruling for sure. As for the other stuff - I'm sure they can bring up more points and fight the rest bring down the rewarded money lower to 60-50%. Will Zen still make out with some money? Sure - The courts like a underdog like Zen taking on bigger companies. JC will still have to pay for damages of a wipe drives and data mining (emails, files, etc). There was also the NDA break - but the time lines really don't match and or follow JC with copy right from Zen. Code wise - and from other forum post - I don't remember Luckey making too many break through during the time they said JC was giving Lucky code - if so - AP3 should've been way way better than what it was xD DK1 was still a mess in programming.

The circumstances around the NDA would be useful to know. Did Luckey visit Carmack at id Software one day and sign a generic NDA at the visitor’s desk? If so, why didn’t Carmack just meet him at a coffee shop instead? They could have circumvented the NDA quite easily. So why didn’t they?

Don McGowan, adjunct professor of entertainment law at the University of Washington School of Law and an expert in legal issues in AR/VR, found the NDA violation to be baffling. Why did Luckey violate an NDA, but not Carmack? It’s as if Carmack took the secrets, told them to Luckey under NDA, and then Luckey used them at Oculus. That’s a roundabout way of establishing that a violation occurred.

Also, the verdict appears to set a disturbing precedent. If an employee talks about an idea at a company, then moves on to another company, and then works on that idea, does it necessarily follow that the employee is at the risk of being sued by the former company? This kind of knowledge transfer happens all the time. Is it a crime? That hardly seems fair to call it that, particularly as is the case with ZeniMax, that the former company appeared to have no intention of working on the idea at all.

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Zuckerberg @facebook which is the OWNER OF OCULUS buys $500M of land on a whim on any random  Saturday afternoon if he likes the view. Are you really believing that this $500M ruling is hurting Oculus in any way?

Also..the threat is absolutely retarded given that Zenimax indeed have not "won" in regards to their main claims...there the judge ruled in favor of Oculus. If Zenimax had actually won, Oculus would have had to pay $4B. Also..old thread and repost and as said entirely wrong and inaccurate.

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their* courtcase, not there courtcase. And ultimately I would not say that they lost. They were found not liable on the greatest and most detrimental verdicts. I won't agree with those saying that half a billion dollars (give or take) is just a drop in the bucket, because it is not.

Oculus will survive, and definitely came out of the case on a relatively positive note. That being said Zenimax has harmed the VR industry in my opinion, and my wallet is no longer open to them.

Level 15
Oculus will survive - but not as the Oculus VR we once knew. I think that this situation and the coming internal announcement this month will mean that 'Facebook VR division Oculus (PC or Mobile)' will be the inevitable nomenclature we refer to regarding the company.

Note - I do not expect FB to make any changes to 'Oculus Texas', however - that is JC's personal thiefdom, and they would not play with that. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 11
I'm still planning on buying my first ever VR headset by the end of 2017 and I've always been a fan of Oculus and the Rift and I've not been put off by any of this. I still think the Rift is the best HMD and I still believe in the hardware and the future for VR. I don't know why anyone would get scared for VR or Oculus based on this case.

My opinion is we should just forget about it and move on, focus on the software and games to look forward to in the next 12-18 months.
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