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Post your Skyrim VR reviews and impressions and discussion here.

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Hello all, the big one is launching very soon. Rather than having a billion threads on it, lets all share and discuss in this thread to help others make an informed purchase!

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Level 5
steam page has Oculus Rift under supported devices is it getting proper support? For reference Doom VFR and Falout VR never had it listed.

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Core i7-7700k @ 4.9 Ghz | 32 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance @ 3000Mhz | 2x 1TB Samsung Evo | 2x 4GB WD Black
ASUS MAXIMUS IX HERO | MSI AERO GTX 1080 OC @ 2000Mhz | Corsair Carbide Series 400C White (RGB FTW!) 

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Just played the intro and it's not too shabby so far. Even at the High setting the textures don't look great but that should be sorted out once someone works out how to mod the game.

The biggest complaint I have is a VERY annoying vignette that they've added to the smooth turning and I couldn't see an option to turn it off, but it's 2am here so I'll have another look tomorrow when I'm more awake lol

Level 7
the option is there to turn it off, A little lower in the menu.  I thought it was fun.  I'm refunding till price drop though.  Magic is soo much fun!! and bow and arrow is great.  However I couldn't stomach the 60 bucks

Level 7

Arock387 said:
However I couldn't stomach the 60 bucks

Last night I checked, greenmangaming has a code for 20% off.

Level 8

Got though the intro, the control is great... I LOVE the combat so much more then the keyboard mouse combo. It feels great to flank bandits etc..Lock picking is also very natural. The ability to inspect weapons and armor is so insane!

So far I am really liking the controls feels so natural, I have yet to spark a Torch in a dungeon.

I saved game in Riverwood, and waiting for my Vive Pro to arrive so I can play this beauty in absolute splendor. 🙂

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Level 15

Here's a nice Review from someone who put in over 100 hours in to the original game,

The Highlights:
  1. The controls are much better using Oculus Touch.
  2. Melee and Shield combat are... not so great.
  3. Immersion gets wrecked often due to the Menu system.

I found all control schemes, including scrolling through the game’s vast amount of menus, to be much more simple on Oculus Touch than with HTC Vive motion controllers. When played on Vive, the game makes extensive use of the Vive controller’s touchpad, so selection is mapped to thumb swipes and not verifiable clicks of the touchpad itself. I never really got the hang of it to be honest, and found myself much more readily playing with Touch simply because of the ease of navigating the game’s menus with the thumbstick over the touchpad. It’s also a bit awkward to use the Vive’s left grip button to jump while resting your thumb on the touchpad to move forward. Many times I found myself confusing controls and accidentally crouching when I wanted to jump, or ‘Fus-Roh-Dah’-ing the townsfolk and guards because I depressed the right grip button instead of the left to sheath my sword.

Combat, while somewhat of a mixed bag, is serviceable. Melee combat isn’t great simply because your weapons, which are stuck to your hands, don’t really telegraph any in-game weight, so you can waggle what appears to be a 20 pound battle-axe as if it weighed nothing. Blocking with a shield isn’t really that great either, as it seemed to work only a fraction of the time I used it, making it basically a non-starter from the get-go.

one of the worst parts of Skyrim VR is the predictable (and entirely necessary) continuation of the base game’s menu system. On a standard monitor, these make absolute sense, but in VR you’re faced with a floating window where all of your things are displayed in text form, which takes away from the majesty of the world and replaces it with an ancillary task that just doesn’t fit in the rustic world of Tamriel. Even though I understand the confines of the game don’t allow it, ideally all items would be represented physically so you could holster them appropriately, and so you would ideally have the option of keeping a sword on your hip, a bow and quiver on your back, and a satchel of food and medicine by your side. Instead, you just go through a menu and equip or consume whatever you need at that moment, and in a paused state so you can scroll freely without fear or being attacked.

Full Review:

Level 8
So far pretty good. A lot better than playing it with VorpX. For starters the graphics are a lot less fuzzy than with Vorpx and there's no weird scaling issues etc or floating water textures. If you tweak the options then you can have full free locomotion with smooth turns and forward movement. Overall the controls feel quite good, with just the odd bit of a inconsistency in navigating the menus letting it down. For example, in the inventory it wants you to press A to open sub menus and select items, but in the main menu and options it wants you to use the triggers. A minor thing, but can lead to the odd bit of confusion.

I haven't tried the realistic swimming yet, but crouching in rlf does initiate stealth mode in the game or you can set it as a toggle too. I presume you'll need to make a breaststroke type motion for the swimming.

Most stuff is explained, but to holster weapons I think you have to hold the trigger and grip button down in your off hand. Not a hundred percent sure about that though.

Combat is not bad but not great either, but it's what I expected to be honest. Just lacking in a bit of feedback, although it has to be said combat in Skyrim always was a bit like that anyway. Using the bows feels good though. Haven't tried magic yet so can't say about that. Holding a shield up does block, but as with the original game your skill level still dictates how successful your block is. Haven't tried blocking with a 2 handed weapon yet.

Hopefully the modding scene will be able to get stuck into this one soon, as it'd be nice to have a full body to look down at so you can see the different armour types you are wearing etc and give you more of a grounding in the game. Dressing up your character was after all, a fun part of the original game. Hands only appear when you are holding weapons and stuff but not then they are empty, where you can only see the controllers. So it'd be nice to have a fix for that too.

So far though it's pretty much what I was hoping for. My feet and lower back are already aching after a short session and with lots of sneaking around dungeons, I'm sure the backs of my thighs are going to get a good work out too.

Level 12
Zanbane I have to ask something. I have over 50 hours invested in Playstation pro vr. I was thinking after I finished, i would play again with the oculus touch because of shield and sword motion control mechanics would make it like a different game. So from what u said the shield mechanics are not great. Sounds like it's not worth another play through with the rift. Do u agree?