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Stunning 3d video

Level 8
Just watched this Planet Earth vid and it really restores the thrill of 3d.
It's like the euthanasia video in soylent Green.
This is the kind of stuff that'll sell Goez, just wish it was higher quality.
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Level 3
Truly stunning, thanks for sharing.  Are you familiar with the new stereo3d vr180 format Google and several other manufacturers are promoting?  I want to see much more immersive content like this.  I have been assured Facebook will outspend other companies in this space but I can't seem to find any info on Facebook related 360 or vr180 cameras.  It's going to be more complicated for the users of oculus go to easily produce content if Facebook does not have a fully integrated end to end content publishing paradigm like other companies for immersive Stereo3D photos. 

I have no worries though, I have been assured with people like John carmack, Nate Mitchell, and mark zuckerberg leading the spearhead, they will not forget us content creators in stereo3D and the hardware and software toold we need Facebook to deliver. altered carbon

Level 8

When I see these things I wonder if putting it piggyback on a bike and holding the bike handlebars and walking around with the bike would stabilize the video and make it nice to watch.

If so I guess having a secure stick on the bike so people can't grab it and run away, the next idea is it should be able to be removed from the bike quickly, take the stick and camera off the bike, and ride away if you see trouble coming, this might be a good product to sell as an accessory for this type of camera for the general public.

Maybe something behind the seat so you can ride the bike, and the stick is high enough you can ride the bike and the camera can see over your head from behind you.

Level 8
You'd probably need an articulated robot arm to hold the camera, and keep it inertially fixed for the best moving pov video.  The burgeoning selection of cameras is what has me stoked. It's alive!
I hope they don't forget about stereo 3d stills.
If you asked how many vr fans had 3d cameras right now, it'd be a small number. The spread of gear, wmr, pc vr, go, cardboard, etc will make having 3d cameras more practical, and pretty soon you'll need to have a headset to see what everybody is doing.
Going viral hell yeah. It will have arrived when all the phone cams are x2.
Very interested to see the price of this Yi vr cam, compared to Lucid cam.
i7-5820K @ 4.2Ghz, water cooled, Asus X99-Pro USB 3.1, 48 Gb DDR4 2400, Samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD, GTX 980 Ti SC, 750w psu