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VR Fitness Series Week 15 - Slum Ball VR Tournament

Level 7

Sorry for the delay on this one but here we are with the week 15 update in the VR Fitness Series and I am happy to say that we are continuing to see good weight loss. Both of us are now within striking distance of the goals that we set when we first started on our VR weight loss journey and it feels great!

For this week we are going to be playing a new game that I found called Slum Ball VR Tournament. I have to admit that this game has become my go to for the past couple of weeks.... Slum Ball is slightly addictive and also has some great chill music to listen to while you are bashing away at cans in zero G. 

Overall from a fitness standpoint this game is a light workout and would be best used as a warm up or cool down for another more intense VR game but I will say that after about 15 rounds I did break a seat and had an elevated heart rate. Slum Ball also has the players squatting and bending often so it works the mid section and legs a bit as well as the arms.

So that's it for this update but we will be back soon with a new video and hopefully some more good results so stay tuned!
"I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is the headlamp of the oncoming virtual hype train!"

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There's not much action here be honest now. To lose weight you need to get rid of that sofa and TV, stick to a regular healthy fresh food diet in small proportions (no ready cooked), no soda drinks nor alcohol  and play BOXVR for a good 1 or 2 hours every other day. Be honest.