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Where is Isabella Santiago?

Level 2
I will come to 1 Hacker Way to find her if she's there. 

Is she there, or is she not there?

Are you abusing me?

Are you using me?

I will extract the truth out of you.

It seems highly suspicious given the circumstances and things offered to her from me.

Be honest before I waste my time and money. Tell me the truth.


Level 2
She can't even say anything to me. Tell me and I'll know. Thanks. 

Even if I'm not what she wants I'll screw you for screwing me. Big time.

Is it true, or is it false?

Level 2
The members of Oculus with seniority will tell me on the principle of trust and respect. Anyone on campus who recognizes her will tell me. I will find out if she lives there through any investigative methods possible. I will search extensively and exhaust my time to do it.

You better not be fucking with me.

Level 5
lmfao what the fuck even?

Level 11

Level 7
I was hoping this was about a VR sequel to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? but this sounds like the police should be involved.