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Which version of Quest 2 did you preorder or Not ordering (PCVR)?

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Did you pre-order Quest 2 yet? Which version did you pre-order?

The adjustable IPD confirmation in the FB Connect was sufficient for me to pre-order the 256GB version of Quest 2.
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HaselHoof said:

Zenbane said:

mmm I'm going to be awkward and say i think i have enough details, i just need more time to decide.

I am waiting for more reviews about the weight and comfort first though. That is the only drawback of Quest; the excess weight.

Doesnt the Quest feel much lighter than the rift ? or only slightly , my Cv1 is heavy and i only play seated  , from memory the Quest 2 is only about 20g lighter than the Q1> But then purchase the elite strap and the weight changes again add battery pack ........

CV1: 470g
Rift-S: 560g
Quest: 571g
Quest 2: 503g

But the CV1 and Rift-S have good weight distribution. The Quest has poor weight distribution and the Quest 2 with default strap is the worse of the bunch.

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Wow thanks for the answers and i must admit i didnt look at the weight , i assumed the quest was lighter , im not sure why maybe because it wasnt tethered to a Pc ...... Oh well i bought 2 of them with the elite head strap looks like i may need the battery pack to even the weight out.

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I currently have the Rift-s. Once it become unusable I will look elsewhere. There are wireless options on the market (Vive for instance), so I may go that way. But I like the ability of tapping into my Pc's power.

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PCVR enthusiast but I ordered one anyway. 90% more pixels than my Rift s at a price I couldn't refuse. It will be fun trying a wireless experience and I'm excited to see what the devs do with this over the next year 🙂

Yes I can see a PC-VR enthusiast getting the new Quest 2 especially for using it wireless and hopefully improvements will be made moving forward on that. I might have even considered getting one but this new Facebook requirement is just too much for me.  With the FB tie in, we are the product and that somehow just does not sit well with me.
But if this helps grow the VR industry I am all for it, just my interests lie in a different area of VR than this.

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One option not given on the poll: cannot preorder since "not available" on Oculus' website!

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One option not given on the poll: cannot preorder since "not available" on Oculus' website!

Are you from Germany? Sorry to hear that you can not pre-order Quest 2.
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Yeah, I just saw that lists the Quest 2 for pre-order but does not. That's BS; I know that Germany is in talks with Facebook over their account policy (which I approve of) but if it means the Quest 2 won't be launched on 13/10 here I'll be pretty pissed.

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Well I went for a G2 but I guess I could also be in the waiting for Quest 3 camp also.

I am hoping for a Quantum processor and then I can dump my PC 🙂

Level 5
Ordered Quest 2 but keep my precious CV1

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Might have considered one if it had oled and proper sound. I'm fully convinced that Index by far is the king of lcd hmds, I do not need another and inferior lcd hmd.

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