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Windows 10 Webcam and Microphone not working due to being used by another program but is not?

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If you use the new built-in Win10 Skype and get the "your Webcam is using another program" message and will not display video in the Test switch...then all it needs is this: -

Enter Start>Apps & Features>Skype and click.
Select Advanced Options then Scroll down
Select RESET and done. No need for a reboot. Just restart Skype.
It will then ask if you want to allow Skype access to the Cam & Mic.
Others have managed to resolve this simply by switching ON Permissions in Settings in Start Menu which this also does now.


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It keeps on happening this. I found out the better way rather than RESET is use TERMINATE and restart it. Somehow closing the program or others is not stopping access to your webcam & mic!